September 15, 2013

Delhi SHG Meeting Report of 15th September

Don't expect more or less Just go out and give it your best Today is your day !! :)

Nice meeting !!!!!!!
with the scorching summer on Sunday Lately we all met at Iskon Temple Park(a beautiful divine place)
we were eight members there Vishnu, Md. Tahir, Rohit, Somendra, Kapil, Raju, Shobhit, Vishal(me) We started our meeting at 11:30am. 

First Activity :: We have started the meeting at our as-usual way of giving introduction with eye contact. I would like to tell about the new Guys Rohit and Somendra,  Rohit is from IIT Kharagpur working in Cadence as software engineer and Somendra is also a mechanical engineer, preparing for govt. exam

Second Activity ::  we each told a story about what we have done last week or what was your experiences.

Third Activity ::  we all started to tell or giving speech on any randon topic. So one by one we all gave our speech as 

Vishal(me) gave a speech on the topic REBT.
REBT(Rational Emotive behaviour therapy) it was nice to give speech about REBT because
its very nice topic for stammerers to know about how we create irrational thoughts in interviews and in several situations.

Rohit also gave speech with the same topic 
He has added something in my topic and he enhanced it very well.

Tahir gave speech about Mind.
How our mind works he told about the detail of consious and sub-consious mind that how mind create action and thought.

Vishnu gave speech about the movie Lakshya it was also nice to know
about  how one can take decision

Shobhit gave speech about
How Body Language is important  for us even he got many appreciation because of his body-language and yes i can gently say that Body Language is very important for one who are going to give interview.

Somendra told us about 
How Lipsing works very well with your speech and also Hand Gestures Like all the leader use this hand gesture to make his/her speech effective.

Raju Told us about ::
Speech techniques etc.

(kapil was not in this activity)

After this Round we have done 3 activity of Fun that's to say ::
1. Make sentence  with words and letter in which you feel block. ( it was very challenging)
2. Every-one use to speak toughest words of everyone
3. Count the number from 30 to 1 backwordly with saying two numbers in English and one in Hindi
(i.e  Thirteen twenty nine, attayish then twenty seven twenty six and then pachhis so on...)

Seventh Activity :: Debate on the topic (Is God exist or not) 
Favour side -> me , Tahir, Vishnu, Kapil
Opposite side -> Rohit, Shobhit, Somendra and Raju

All have done a good job but the highlighted guys were Shobhit, Rohit and Tahir. (these three were Bravo in debate)

then I and Tahir Described about how our life was before TISA and how our life is now !!!!!
but we all were missing Sikander bro. 

And Finally, We all went to the ISKON temple we took "bhojan" their.  and then our meeting Finished.


Manimaran said...

You have done too many activities including Bhojan. Just meet every week and talk whatever you want and see the results after one year. It will be amazing. Frankly, we do not need any special activity except attending SHG meetings every week.

sachin said...

Wow- what a variety! Good job of planning and execution..

Manish Singh said...

can u organise this wedenday .anybody want to come please reply .this sunday i got workign day so i cant come wed is off so. i m planning to start TISA since from last three month but i hesitated but now no hesitation .i only feel problem in giving presentation in front of people and i know it only stage fear so i want to practice in front of people.thats it

Manish Singh said...

i just want to practice in front of people like giving presetation or talking on any topic .beacuse of stage fear i feel some problem so can anubody can come this wed 18th.on this sun 15th i got working day so i cant come please if possible then arraneg the meeting.thanku

vishal gupta said...

Manish Feel free to come and join us. TISA is For you all !!!!! God bless you brother

kapil sharmaa said...

And one thing too after the meeting me, somendra, Raju and shobbit went to the Hot digital showroom which is inside the nehru place metro station, we experienced vast digital experience and went every corner of the shop and asked too many question about the particular device which were Somendra looking for (Intel mobile), Best moment of the Life:) And VISHAL keep it up Your Lead is very good in SHG meeting...:)

Jagbir said...

I'm also a Stammerer and lives in delhi. I want to be the part of self help group. Can i join you guys next time when you meet.


Jagbir said...


I'm also a stammerer from delhi. I wish to be part of this self help group. Can i come over for the meeting when you guys are meeting next.