September 25, 2013

Bangalore SHG Sep 21, 2013 meeting report

Saturday is not weekend anymore it is just the beginning for a exciting week ahead

The attendees were Akash, Sairam, Navdeep, Dinesh, Anbu, Pramod, Abhinav, Naneshwer and myself Nishil.This week’s coordinator: Akash
The meeting started with reading , the topic was about fear.

  • Guess the Person - Next was the game of guessing the person whose qualities are described by someone else. This made us wonder if we are the persons what we think we are or the person which other people describe us to be . Time for some introspection !!!!
  • The next discussion turned on the way we react when people laugh when we stutter or make us uncomfortable when we speak. The plethora of experience among senior members and the new approaches to tackle this situation helped all of us present to look at the scenario objectively and choose the best way to handle the scenario.
  • Pictionary - Communication need not be necessarily oral, it can also be depicted by the things we depict using an as simple tool as an pen/pencil. This activity called upon the artistic skills buried deep within some PWS to showcase their talent of communication just with diagrams and rest describing the words he drew. Huff this was an herculean task after lots of charades to communicate with facial expression and hand signs, with the rival team using barrage of wild guesses to throw others off track the outcome was a satisfaction of guessing by hook or crook.
  • Group discussion - education should be by books or by practical experience
          1) On the practical experience side: The practical experiences are the ones that can teach permanent lessons, bookish knowledge hinders creative thinking, Everything we learn has to be based on practical experience , without internalization mugging up books has no sense.Truth heard from others may not be for you , but the truth experienced by you is.
        2) On the books side: Books form the base to perpetuate continued growth of knowledge. Whatever new that arises has its base in the books. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. The books are written by the experiences of leaned men sharing their experience. Books are mines of information.
Kudos to Pramod who coordinated the GD such that no person was left to find solace in silence.
Conclusion: The discussion brought out the fact that just bookish knowledge would not help us get in depth understanding of the mechanism in which any system works, only hands on experience with proper background can help us to master any field. Even practical experiences are limited by the amount of time needed to assimilate information. Thus books help us to broaden the horizons of our mind pushing the creative thoughts through new bound and possibilities.
Thanks Akash for cooddinating such a wonderful meet

Written by - Nishil 

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sachin said...

Thanks Nishil and Abhinav and everyone else for great meeting and write up..
The title reminded me of another saying- may be it is relevant to our lives as well: There are no "sundays" in spiritual life..