August 10, 2013

TISA Communication workshop,Herbertpur - 9 -11 Aug'13

Day -1

We were gathered here at Meeting hall in Anugrah Building for 3 day communication workshop under guidance of Dr.Sachin.

There were 11 participants as under :-

  1. Mr.Anupinder – Patiala,Punjab
  2. Mr.Subhash -     Etawa,UP
  3. Mr.Vinay     -     Allahabad,UP
  4. Mr.rakesh  -       Faizabad,UP
  5. Mr.Shobhit -       Kanpur,UP
  6. Mr.Suraj     -       Patna,Bihar
  7. Mr.Ashish   -       Baddi,HP
  8. Mr.Vaibhav -      Herbertpur,UK
  9. Mr.Atul        -      Dehradun ,UK
  10. Mr.Ajay      -      Haldwani,UK
  11. Master Arpit -      Jalandhar,Punjab (along with his mother and maternal grand parents)

Workshop was kicked off with a pair of videos, shown by Dr.Sachin illustrating difference between FLUENCY and GOOD COMMUNICATION.

Here, we understood that GOOD COMMUNICATION should be our prime aim not just FLUENCY.

After that, as usual in every TISA workshop, we learnt various speech techniques like BOUNCING,PROLONGATION,PAUSING,VOLUNTARY STUTTERING etc.and used them liberally in a round of sessions like intro round,mini presentation round, extempore round etc.

After that, we went to Lehman hospital central OPD room and practiced the techniques in front of patients and learnt various secrets of public speaking.

Then Dr.Sachin gave answers to our queries and emphasis on the importance of ACCEPTANCE above all.

We see off Dr.Sachin with the promise to meet again next day to learn further….

Day -2 

The second day of workshop started with a quick recap of previous day learning and all the participants shared their learning briefly one by one.

Today, we have a fresh face with us, Mr.Ajay Joshi from haldwani, UK. Having attended a few workshops earlier, he is well acquainted with TISA self help belief.

Today, Dr.Sachin discussed the Block correction techniques- Post block, In block and Pre block correction. Then all the participants practiced it in the same order – Post 1st and pre in last.

It was followed by a visit to OPD hall in Lehman hospital and mini presentations by all the participants.

In afternoon, 2 mini plays- 3 bhikhari (3 beggers ) and thugg sant (Fraud saint) was performed by the participants and then briefing of news items from a news paper was done by all the participants.

Here in these activities, we learn the importance of focusing on content of our talk and its message then the level of stuttering during talking.

Before wrapping up the day, there was a brief question answer round and discussion over future plans of all the participants where Dr.Sachin gave valuable answers and advice to all the participants.

Then it was an all dancing fun there and we can see amazing stunts by Dr.Sachin....

Day - 3

After a quick recap of the learning of second day, Dr.Sachin arranged a mini van and took us on a surprise tour.

The destination was the Local police station!!!

We were all a bit hesitant, but presence of Dr.Sachin was making us comfortable otherwise.

It was an a bit fearful yet amazing experience.

In a meeting room, presided by head of that police station and Dr.Sachin, we all PWS gave our introductions in front of all the police personnels and then have 1 to 1 session with them.

It was amazing!!!

Then a brief visit to central OPD hall and then participants started to see off quickly after the lunch with a promise to meet again in the national conference in delhi.


Amitsingh Kushwah said...

Good Practice. Congratulations for all participants...

Manimaran said...

These are the basic practices that all PWS should learn and apply practically. Thanks to Dr.Sachin for arranging such workshops frequently.

Hemant Kumar "हृदय" said...

thanks for post, I was eagerly waiting for it.
Best wished to all participants.
I couldn't attend due to some unavoidable circumstances. Physically I am not present , but emotionally, mentally , I am also feeling my presence there.

J P Sunda said...

All of you are so lucky to be there!! What happened on day 2 ?