July 19, 2013

News at Hyderabad SHG meetup - 14 July 2013

In last weekend SHG meetup we have finished first short film shooting which went from morning around 8am till 7:30pm in evening.( We are going to start 2nd documentary film shooting very soon )
The members at meetup are
1.Neeraj 2.Ramu 3.Dev 4.Vijay 5.Rajesh 6.Ramu's cousin(Vamsi) 7.Sunil 8.Babu 9.SaiSree 10.Swathi 11.Neeraj2 12.Ramu2 13.Sriram
(There were two Ramu's and Neeraj's)

This short film is to give awareness on how TISA helps PWS in their stammering.
We started with a beautiful breakfast and then started off with shooting activities.
Vijay who has directed this short film and was helped by his technical team friends (Sunil, Babu and SaiSree)

We have done this shooting in a software company, we were enjoying the shooting and also playing pool game in games room :) We played jokes, we made fun :) Enjoyment was unlimited !

Sunil - who is in technical team of this short film shooting is also a PWS, he says that the theatrical voice training has helped him to modulate sounds easily and suggested a book "The Use and Training of Human voice by Lessac". Its not specific to Stammering, its says how to modulate voice smoothly with ease.

We are eagerly waiting for this short film to release :)
We signed off meeting and went to houses running as it was about to rain :)

Rajesh V
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sachin said...

When I saw "movie" and "Ramu" in close proximity, I thought may be, Ram Gopal Verma has directed this movie!! But I read on patiently and now feel good that it is totally "home production"..
Guys, you must "premiere" this movie in NC2013 in Delhi- and some of you should talk about "making of it"..
Share a pre-press release on youtube though ASAP..
Congrats everyone!

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji - :) Yeah its our TISA's home production.
Yeah definitely we will have it as a premier show in NC 2013 and a pre-press release asap.
Thanks so much for the support.
Regards !