July 12, 2013

Delhi SHG Meeting at Rajiv Chowk on 14th July

Timing : 10 am to 2pm.
Venue : Central Park, Rajiv Chowk(infront Rajiv Chowk Metro station gate no.6), New Delhi

Agenda as Follows :: 

1. Meditation for 2-3 minutes or inhaling exhaling breathing.
2. Introduction with Counting Technique Speech and What is goal today
3. Discuss Some Ground Rules.
4. Reading for 2 min. for slight stammerers 
5. Tung Twisters.
6. Presentation at-least for 4-5 min. with question answer.
7. Role Play Task.
8. Question Answer Round. 1 min for question and 1 min for answer.
9. Discussion on National Conference.

Randon Topic for presentation :: Flood in India, Population in India, Cut and throat competition, Traffic Rules, Freedom for women, Corruption, Junk Foods, Indian railways, Internet, Mobile Electrical Device.

Key Concentration :: Eye Contact, Freely stammer, to Listen first, Pause after every sentence, Don't interrupt any one during his speech.

"Bad Time is a Good time to prepare for better Time"

Note :: if this will be your first time then contact me at ssstammerfreely@gmail.com or call at 8447882161


sachin said...

Guys, if Dr Akash is around, you may wish to invite him too..

sachin said...

Dr Akash's number 9426148263.

vishal gupta said...

ok.. sir in next SHG... i will call him before.... by the way is he also stammerer...

sachin said...

Yes- an old TISA friend..

Akash Acharya said...

I would have loved to join. In fact I was on Rajiv Chawk metro station on 13th but I left Delhi on 14th early morning. Some other time...