July 7, 2013

Few Specific Breathing techniques, useful for PWS

                    In this one year duration, so many new things happened in my life,  read some good Autobiographies of Himalayan Masters( Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master (book): A Yogi's Autobiography by Sri M & Living with Himalayan Masters (Book) by Swami Ram .  If centre of all those activities was stammering, then periphery was overall development of personality & aura at physical, mental and spiritual level.

  After reading Autobiography of Himalayan Masters, one point, I got - "Connection between physical , mental and  spiritual planes is only through BREATHING". Himalayan masters prescribed specific breathing techniques to his disciple for removing cold in winter 

 remove heat in summer 

or remove tiredness & laziness or  

increasing will power

,  even for diseases like cancer. I started to search these specific breathing techniques (Pranayams) and I got these very easily.

  "If all things related to breathing, then stammering is much much more related" - suddenly clicked in my mind. So which breathing technique is most useful for PWS?
I read one quotation on blog  -'What causes stammering?' Most experts agree that it is due to a combination of factors - physiological, neurological,psychological and environmental"
So if factors are more, how one technique can be sufficient for all. During 3-4 communication workshop, I met some PWS, who joined TISA 3-4 yrs ago, still they blame to ACCEPTANCE for not getting remarkable improvement in speech, like private SLP blames to speed or not following his instructions, whenever a PWS meet him again on Relapse of stammering. But acceptance only handles Environmental, psychological factors,
What about physiological, neurological factors. can we overcome from our neurological,  physiological or Biological  factors? can we rectify our internal system with symptoms ??????

        During april Communication Workshop, i met Jasbir Ji from Chandigarh, who is doing Pranayams daily and his fluency can mesmerize a non-PWS also. Now my attention gone on Baba Ramdev yoga, which claims with in 9 month, your whole body will change by just 7 specific breathing techniques (Pranayam) package . generally Baba Ramdev never disclose whole Science behind Pranayams, he just say, do this and these diseases will be cured or managed and in those diseases , stammering never included ( it shows that stammering is big problem in PWS mind only, other takes it lightly)..
I got some more material about these seven breathing techniques. I got some video of one Himalayan yogi who described whole science of pranayams. By these video, I came to know that all factors (i.e. physiological, neurological,psychological and environmental) can be controlled up to a certain level by these 7 Breathing techniques.i.e.

1 Kapaal-bhanti pranayam :-                   its every stroke gives vibration to latent energy sleeping in  lower most part of spinal cord (in Muladhar Chakra), strengthen lower parts of body i.e. diaphragm, stomach.

watch video to know method and whole science of kapaal-bhanti pranayam and how it work in body)

2 Anulom - Vilom pranayam :-                 its circulate that energy in over all body and strengthen heart, lungs, vocal card, face & brain. (watch video)

So these 2 pranayam is beneficial  for physiological factors.

 3 Bhastrika - Pranayam -:                     watch video 

 It strengthens the nerve & neuron system as circulate blood or current in every nerve or neurons. Generally a PWS's heart start to palpate, shivering in hands or in voice may starts, whenever his turn comes during Roll 

call or introduction round.

 every PWS must do Bhastrika Pranayam to remove neurological factor and  strengthen nervous system

4 Ujjayi Pranayam :                             is beneficial  for vocal cards. watch video 

5 Bahya-Aantrik pranayam -
It help to inhale more breathe and hold in lungs more time. It is useful for PWS, who forces to speak without air.watch video 

6 Bhramri pranayam  watch video 

7.Udgit Pranayam is effective for brain and relaxation. watch video 

So these 2 pranayam are beneficial for psychological factors.

8. Yogic Breath for Vocal cords :

it is almost like 
 Simhasana Yoga 

But without acceptance, nothing will work. as root cause of stammering is over-sensitivity , so without De-sensitization, environmental factor can not be controlled. 


Satyendra said...

Thanks Hemant.. Great write up! Yes, it is also important to be free of fear of what the world will say or think- because at the end of the day, we all will have certain differences (diversity) in our looks, manners, interests and "functions".. Being OK with that is important in the long run..
Pranayam is definitely helpful in so many ways..

lalit said...

thanks hemant ji, for this wounder full information, i will try these prayanams

Manimaran said...

Thanks a lot Hemant for sharing these informations. Yes, I will also practice it and give my feedback.

प्रभु ! कृपा हि केवलम् said...

@Sachin sir, You are right, with out acceptance; it is like putting salt & ointment together on wound. So one should not except any recovery.

@ Lalit& manimaran sir, please start from today. Above Post, I written after practicing all 7 pranayams since 1 month. and it really works. Atleast 10minute we must give for pranayam . I was surprised by the effect of Bhastrika pranayam. It overhaul our whole nervous system and strengthen it. just start and share your experiences.

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...
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Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

Thanks for sharing great videos and your experiences.


Unknown said...

Thanks Hemantji........ i definitely agree with you. All the technique mention here are fruitful not only for stammering but also useful in physical & mental development of a person.

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

good and informative post. thanks Hemant ji.