June 19, 2013

Herbertpur Trip

Herbertpur Trip..

  It was Saturday afternoon, raining at Shimla. I got my bike's tank full, ate lunch at home, put on my raincoat,said bye to my wife and started around 3:30 PM. My destination was Hherbertpur.I had hoped rain to stop en-route.But it didn't, neither did I switch off my bike's engine for the next 7 hrs ! I reached Herbertpur at around 11:00 PM,took a room and slept like a log of wood.

         The next three days went by like a pleasant dream.I met so many fine people and learned so much from them.I re-emphasized to myself that acceptance is the central theme for the change to happen for me. Finally it was time to return to shimla on Tuesday afternoon.I started from hherbertpur at about 3 PM,the weather was clear.After 2 hours of ride, it started raining again! I put on  raincoat and continued riding.Finally I reached my home at around 10.30 PM and had dinner with my wife.

           During  return journey I observed that some bikes with pillion riders and even heavily loaded trucks  overtook my bike .Unlike past,I did'nt feel the urge to match their speed and overtake. I thought that if I have accepted my stammering, why not accept the fact that I would ride at the speed I am comfortable at and let others drive at the speed they are comfortable at.There should be no comparison between us.

           I found really muddy and slippery patch of road for around 15 kms.In order to avoid skidding, I kept the bike mostly in first gear and rode very slowly.Here again I rode the bike at the speed I was comfortable at, without any comparison to others speed. I was in no hurry. I stopped occasionally to enjoy the natural beauty.

          A corollary would be that I would speak at the speed I am most comfortable at, and not try to compare with others speed.Needless to say that this trip has been one of the most memorable and pleasant experiences of my life.



Premdeep Godara said...

Totally agree with you Abhishek...feeling comfortable is the key... no matter what the journey is.
for a memorable ride for life

Joy deep Majumder said...

Lower your speech gear when on a wobbly path..cruise when the roads are good.. :)

Quite an adventure..!!

By the way is that biker you in the post picture..

lalit said...

nice abhishek ....totally agree with u acceptance is key of peace and core concept of recovery

ABHISHEK said...

No Joy!! Its a pic from google.

Satyendra said...

Yes, no comparison- since each one of us is unique..
Perfect write up!

Amitsingh Kushwah said...

thanks Abhishek. Good post.

vishal gupta said...

wow.. perfect and Cool share...:) :) Go ahead God bless you

Manimaran said...

I like this sentence "I would speak at the speed I am most comfortable at"(stammering or not stammering).This is called real acceptance. Good post Abhishek. By the by how could able to beat the rain?

ABHISHEK said...

Mani Sir, I just kept riding in the rain..