May 30, 2013

The Indian Stammering Association - Hyderabad group meeting on 2 June

Hello Friends, You are welcome to THE INDIAN STAMMERING ASSOCIATION SHG meetings.
These meetings will make you know what stammering is about and how we can control our speech patterns in day to day life.Here We Stammer with Ease.It is proved that if we stammer with easiness then stammering can be dissolved from speech.We use many techniques which help us in clearing blocks in speech.
Drop in to meetings with Hope and Leave with Confidence.
This week main Agenda - Prepared Speeches by members.

Few Activities in Meetings are:
1. Meditation
2. Breathing exercises and Techniques practicing.
3. Formal Introduction of participants in a comfortable phase.
4. Anxiety Control Round
5. Prepared Speeches
6. Field Work (going into public and practicing on speech patterns)
7. Fun Activities like Jokes Narration, Extempore, Crazy Questions, Loud speaking, Group Discussion, Role plays and many more.

Venue and Timings:
Sunday - 9AM till 1PM
Jalagam Vengala Rao Park
Road No-1, Banjara Hills,
Click Here for Park's location on GoogleMaps with Bus Numbers

Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007
email id: rajesh.jaca"at"gmail"dot"com


sachin said...

Great! Rajesh you are using IT to hilt.. and earning a lot of GOOD Krama.. I will sail to "Vengala rao jalagam park" using my Google earth this Sunday- and will be there in the spirit.. dont jump if things move suddenly- as if by a ghost!

Rajesh V said...

Sachin ji - thank you so much..
Google Maps had made life easy...
Two yrs back i bought a smart phone just to have access to maps so that i dont need to ask strangers the place which i need to explore :)
We will be eagerly waiting for the magic to happen of you being in the park sir..