April 23, 2013

Let us have some DRAMA !!

I think, the two events most people liked and benefited a lot was: Drama and mini-presentations. ( and yesss- stammering interviews!!). In SHGs, pws should choose a script and stage a drama every week, if possible, among other activities. Repeat the same, till you are able to do it well. Then, go for a new one. Choose a light, humorous drama. Many actors- Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt etc.,  have claimed that they learned to deal with their stammering by acting on stage. How does it help?
1. You know it is a role..
2. You memorise your dialogue (you have something to say)..
3. You speak louder.
4. You are often in a happy humorous mood.
5. You become good at TIMING (saying the dialogue at the right time).
6. You work on your body language as well as dialogue.
7. You learn team work- and improve your social skills.
8. Keeping the story in mind, you improvise..(change lines etc.)
9. Over all, it is FUN communication exercise.
10. You are free to stammer- because it is just a drama..

Finally one day, you realise that everything is just a role-  do it well but dont take it to heart! And this is what all the participants did very successfully. "Our time" theatre group in USA is working out these very principles.
Keep on enjoying this drama, you call "life".. and share your stories with TISA..


Anupinder Singh said...

Sachin sir, its very nice idea...but i always have problem to remember dialogue as it is...so i think small play with 3-4 characters and couple of lines for each charcter will work'z awesome for person like me...by time we can go for large plays... thanks for great SHG Idea..
With Regards

हेमन्त कुमार "हृदय" said...

sachin sir, in my view; in TISA workshop, we should give more time on such type of activities i.e. Drama, presentation, going in public (as PWS escaped from these activities whole life), instead of teaching fluency shaping techniques whole days or any power point presentation. And instead of teaching Fluency shaping techniques all together, for one day one technique should be taught and make them to use that technique whole day in all activities.
in every workshop, drama & presentation should be two times as after performing first time, PWS realises that I can do much more better than what I have done.

sachin said...

Yes, I agree. We should start with simple plays and have freedom to change dialogues (improvise). During many years of working in social sector, I discovered: People change, not by what they know, but by what they do. Actually do. Let us keep on creating more and more such opportunities..

Mayank Harjika said...

I am totally agree with Hemant Ji, we should give more time on such type of activities so we learned our dialogues and we dont have the need of scripts in our hands and we do everything that we had missed in our school days. By doing this type of activities, we also feel good when we feel good then your heart also feel good when your heart feels good then we never thought of negative things in our life and feels positive and when we feel positive then we have the power of taking right decisons in our life and when we take right decisons in our life then we meet Sachin Sir who will guide us as mentor or teacher and make us so strong to cross every hurdles and obstacles in our life and then we walk in a right path and achieve our goals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, life is a drama.. Why do pws take it so seriously? Let us relax..

mukesh singh said...

Respecred sir...
Iam a student from IIT ROORKEEand I do want to join your workshop for stammering. I want to ask when will next workshop will held??