April 1, 2013

Dil kholo yaaro ke saath

(Write-up by Nayeem)

Hello everyone, The sun was shining and the temperature was at 25 degree Celsius. There was a breeze, it's cool and fluid. When the breeze stops for a few seconds,
You can feel its rays on your skin giving that warming sensation.

The leaves are dancing with the breeze
Birds are playing, chirping and singing
Everyone I meet every face are grinned
Happy spirits even the hearts are laughing

Welcome to the SHG meet at Cubborn Park for the last week of March 2013.
As soon as I entered the natural scintillating ambience I was welcomed by the following attendees Lohit, Prabhir, Nayeem, Nishil, Subodh, Chandan, Arun, Avinish, Siddharth and Dinesh.

We started at sharp 10:30 am.

Activity – 1

We started with the discussion about last week activity which was about making telephonic calls to other members of the PWS.

Nishil was the winner for this activity as he contacted about six PWS members.

It was great to hear his experience where he not only just contacted members but even spoke at length with them. The basic take away from this activity was how we can have telephonic interactions with people whom we do not know (The list was to be picked from IndianPWS database  - those who want to add themselves can follow this link - http://t-tisa.blogspot.com/2012/04/do-you-want-to-connect-to-pws-in-your.html )

The common problems we faced were like most of the PWS members were busy and we are not aware of the convenient time to approach them. We are planning to improve our approach and come up with pre informed list of PWS members who can dedicate some  time for telephonic conversations.

 Activity – 2

The second activity for the day was about public reading. Reading was carried out on an article about stuttering. Special thanks to Avinish in creating this article and making us aware about stuttering philosophies. We wish the other members can also take up similar initiatives thereby enabling each other for active participation.  We also talked about on how to practice speaking regularly and on how to make sure relapse doesn’t occur in the case of stuttering.

 Activity – 3

Third activity was about introductions we undertake every week in SHG meetings. This time the members were asked to introduce themselves but with keeping their eyes closed. Interestingly we had seen that all the SHG members did not experience stuttering during this activity. This activity showed on when we can concentrate on “content” and not on “style” the communication becomes easy and clear.

Activity – 4

This included a quick introduction of new SHG member Siddarth. The other members got themselves introduced to Siddharth and shared their experiences at SHG. Then we started a game where each person should recite minimum two words which they feel they are bound to stammer. This was a good experience where members recited properly even on their most stuttered words. This experience showed us that feared words are not so feared!! When confronted they become less powerful.  During this activity 2 members, X and Y went into uncontrollable stutter but when asked to stare in to the eyes of person sitting next to them and stutter they turned out to be flawless! Eye contact does help!!

We ended the SHG meet by reading aloud funny texts/messages from mobiles. The best message which Avnish read out and which also appeals to the spirit of SHG was
Ek sach chhupa hota hai jab koi kehta hai: "Mazaak tha yaar!"
Ek feeling chhupi hoti hai jab koi kehta hai: "Mujhe koi farq nahi padta!"
Ek dard chhupa hota hai jab koi kehta hai: "It's Okay!"
Ek zaroorat chhupi hoti hai jab koi kehta hai: "Mujhe akela chor do!"
Ek gehri baat chhupi hoti hai jab koi kehta hai: "Pata nahi!"
Hospital me ek Open Heart Surgry unit k bahar likha hua statment:
“Agar dil khol lete apne yaaro ke saath,
To aaj kholna na padta Auzaro(equipment) k saath” :-) Keep sharing!!
On behalf of the members of the SHG group, I am wishing Siddharth a warm welcome.
Note: Missing the other folks, hope they join the session this Sunday J

(write-up by Nayeem)

Please contact me to get in touch with the bangalore SHG
Email - dinesh.daredevil at gmail.com
Mobile - (98800 50526)


sachin said...

Nayeem- congratulations. Lot of substance and a good style.. Enjoyed reading every line. Some group photographs, if possible?

Manimaran said...

Very elaborate post Nayeem with good poem at the beginning.I suggest to add one more item in the agenda. speak to some of the strangers so as to overcome the fear and shame.Thanks for sharing.

Manimaran said...
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lalit said...

g8t Nayeem, wonderfull way to describe event, poem is good, last punch is superb...but i havent seen such type of line delhi hospital's :-)

jasbir singh said...

Nice write up Dear Nayeem. Enjoyed reading. What about including laughter session and some meditation in the activities? Please think. These are also very helpful.
Please keep writing.

jasbir singh said...

Nice write up Dear Nayeem. Enjoyed reading. What about including laughter session and some meditation in the activities? Please think. These are also very helpful.
Please keep writing.

avnish gupta said...

nayem! very well written :)

Rajesh V said...

You all always rock :)

ansh316 said...

Very good write up! Nayeem :)