April 30, 2013


One thing to learn for happy life is that getting “UPSET” will never sort out any issue…..but getting “UP” to “SET” the things right will help a lot.

The rule equally applies for stammering problem.

So come out from your COMFORT ZONES and face boldly the challenging situations without getting UPSET with the failures.

This is the secret on the path to recovery.

Happy Labours Day.

Labour a lot with all tested techniques.

May all Beings be Happy.

jasbir singh,
99150 06377


Anonymous said...

Jasbir ji, in above post NOTHING NEW....................
all PWS get this advise from non-PWS whole life.
it will be more better for us if you shares your EXPERIENCES with different therapies & how much you got benefited or cheated ? Or about your trial to crack uncomfort zones.
I know- it require lot of dedication and time to collect memories and write on paper. But it will be more effective for PWS.

lalit said...

very true we need to come out of comfort zone..take a baby step then one step at a time .....:)

jasbir singh said...

Mr. Anonymous I am not non-PWS but a PWS. What I am sharing is all my personal experiences which I did meticulously to recover. Moreover it is a Do it youeself mantra only.So instead of only reading the advises, please Do it.
All the Best.