March 3, 2013

Yupiee Delhi SHG Report... of 3rd Feb.. at Rajiv Chowk

" Bad times are Good times to prepare for a better times"

H-H-H-Hello Friends, Today after a long time SHG has held at same place(central park in CP, Delhi) with around 8 peoples(Wow). Four new persons has join our support group today. Three were boys. One was girl(Anita).

                     We started with 5 minutes mediation(silent mode & feel what is going on our mind). Then, We have  introduced ourselves one by one. Then, One guy told us about WORD ARTICULATION. When, We have listened about this. We spoken every word with fluently. Which was our feared word. I just explaining about WORD ARTICULATION. Whenever we write word. We write all letters with using space to complete the word. Because, every letter has different sound. But, When we speak. We don't speak with pronoun every letter. We just speak fast to complete our sentence. Even, We should speak with feel every letters. I think, When we will speak with using this way. We would feeling good as per my experience.

                   After that, We used this way of speaking in talking. We have promised that, We should maintain a dairy & we write our weakness on this dairy related to speech problem.  Then, We analyze Today how many time we get block & what was the cause behind that,. Then we will on that cause. And, today one person Ansul Nima has came with his wife & his cute baby. Then, We have asked to her few questions. She replied very well.

To be continued…………..

my message to Anshul ( Sir galaxy tab le liya aapne) treat chahiye ??

Report by ::  Ravi 
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PP...Pramendra said...

Great Ravi!

Thanks for describing it so beautifully.I liked the diary idea.

Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon.
All The Best.

PS: Anshul Sir Party toh banti hai. :)