March 18, 2013

Report of 37th SHG in Chandigarh

On 10th March Chandigarh chapter conduct SHG in Park of Sector-33,Chandigarh.
following persons participates:-

1. Jasbir Singh
2. Ishan Chug
3. Manish Kumar
4. Anupinder Singh
5. Harpal Singh

In begining we have introduction round.
after that we have a laughter session. then we did Vocal Organ relaxation exercises. after that we did meditation. then we did reading practice. then we have disccusion round. after that we shares our experiences or any thing which we dont share with anybody.


jasbir singh said...

I would like to add that Sh. Harpal Sngh is not a PWS. He had accompanied Sh. Anupinder Singh from Patiala and shared his views on the subject. He is also in social activities and is spreading awareness for people who believe in blind faith and black majics for easy cure of their problems. He fails to understand how hanging of lemon and chilli in shops on saturday is going to prosper their business.
TISA is grateful to Sh. Harpal Singh for attending SHG meeting and sharing his thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jasbir ji
I had met many stammers in my life. It is only, for the first time that you have given me hope of recovery. I had cured a lot through Vipassana but now feels that there is another way to recovery too, which I should give a trial.
I want to undergo treatment from a qualified person (you can guide me better).I am convinced that there is medicinal treatment which can be used while attending a meeting or a court.