March 6, 2013

laughing at stuttering

Will GOOD/BEST friend ever laugh at your stuttering?

My perception on the above question was very straightforward. The answer to the question was NO.
But, few months back, i realize that, it is not always NO

One of my good friend was aware that i stutter a lot and  sometimes I keep talking about my stuttering shamelessly. One fine day, my friend was laughing at my back when i was talking to business customer as i was badly stuttering. Initially, i took this very lightly. But, he was laughing every time when i talk to business customer. My other friend and I was aware that he was laughing only because i was stuttering in front of business customer.

I was wondering if he is a good friend then why can't he support me instead of laughing at my back.

Nevertheless, I took this thinly. Never spoke to him about this scenario, but sometimes that behavior seems  unethical.

Prakash K
HAKLAO, Magar Pyaar Se


GORAV DATTA - I am Learning said...

Ignore it totally . Let It Go .... Dont feel bad about it .i am also learning not to be too emotional and i am sure we can make it .

sachin said...

It is lack of sensitivity and thoughtfulness. How old is he btw? On another note we may have many colleagues but very very few friends.. That is the way of life. Learn to accept it. But yes, you do have a duty to educate people around you and you can let him know that his behaviour has surprised you and pained you. Email him the link to this post. If it is good relationship, it will become stronger..else, why should you bother?

Kharvi Prakash said...

Thanks Sachin n gorav..
Learning to accept the laugh