February 3, 2013

Report of 35th SHG Meet in chandigarh

Today we started SHG meet at 2'o Clock, following members joins today,
1) Jasbir Singh Ji from Chandigarh
2) Iram Khan from Chandigarh
3) Sukhpreet Singh from Chandigarh
4) Pranav from Chandigarh
5) Manish Kumar from Ambala
6) Lalit jain from Chandigarh
7) Anupinder Singh from Patiala


a)      To Know what other members do to tackle there stammer
In this activity all members one by one share that, what they do daily to manage stammering. This activity is very motivating and we learn lot from others.

b)      Laughing therapy session
In this session we all laugh by raising hand in air, after this session we all feel unique energy within us.  
c)       Meditation
Jasbir Singh ji assisted us for meditation for 15 minutes. In this meditation we have to concentrate on  inhale and exhale of breath in other words we have to stay in present not in future or past.
d)      Breathing Exercises
In this activity we all do deep breathing  as well as anulom-vilom.

e)      Stress relieving Exercises
In this session we do several exercise by which we can relieve our speech organs. 

f)       Slow Speaking without Time Pressure 
In this activity we say one sentence one by one. With low words per minutes but little bit louder. we repeat several rounds of it. 

g)      Reading Newspaper Aloud 

In this activity jasbir ji read newspaper word by word and all of us repeat it later. it is very good exercise 

h)      Talking with strangers 

After that we all talk to a two guys sitting in park and all of us ask question to them.

This time atmosphere of meeting is really awesome.


sachin said...

Great- I think getting out in green surroundings and meeting others- that itself can do magic for many of us..
Thanks for sharing..and the pictures..

Lalit Jain said...

The session yesterday was really fruitful and all the members assembled were craving for more. The Chandigarh tisa association is really privileged to have Jasbir ji with it, who can really guide and spoon-fed us by providing wide insights and demonstrations with confidence and self-example. This alogwith the commitment of Anoop is very soul of Chandigarh chapter. We always look forward to next meeting.

vishal gupta said...

wow..!! really nice.....

Manimaran said...

Really good pictures. There are some parks in Chennai but with more crowd. I came to Chandigarh in 1977 during my college days. A well planned city with lot of big parks. Very nice to see that the same is being maintained even now.

jasbir singh said...

Great job done Mr. Anoop. Congratulations.Please keep it up with same dedication.

Mr. Manimaran, please do visit Chandigarh sometime and see the city beautiful.