January 14, 2013

Oh ! So You Stammer ,its Not a Problem

I am a moderate-severe stutterer and stuttering since my childhood .There are few stutterers in my family and somehow they had managed to live their life happily . So when i was stuttering in my childhood nobody bothered or was worried on my speech impediment .

They simply had a perception that everything will be all right when Gorav will be adult , then he will be more confident and fluent too . I also started believing the same story . But what happened in reality was totally opposite . I become from mild stutterer to a moderate and then to a severe one . Fear, anxiety and embarrassment were my new and ony friends .

As stuttering was not considered as an issue in my family which needed to be handled carefully i lived and living a miserable life .

Its not only my family or my relatives the very whole society has a misconception that stuttering is not a problem at all .
Or have a disbelief that stuttering will go on its own .

I am not blamming my family or the society .Actually i am feeling pity for them .They didnt have knowledge at all .Actually no mother or father wants their child to stutter and suffer .

And Yes ! I know some stutters who had somehow overcomed their problem on their own but does not mean every one will . Why to take risk or chance or gamble with the child's life.

**If a good SLP ( Speech language pathologist ) is consulted when child is 3 -7 yrs old then propability of the child overcoming the problem is very very high . In adulthood success ratio is very low .

Wish this happens for every child who is born Special so that he donot goes through the same pain as i am going through .


sachin said...

Congrats Gorav!
There is an old adage:
When shared- happiness doubles and pain gets halved.
Your friends in SHG are waiting for you..

Dinesh said...

You have a noble thought..
Start spreading the awareness of it through SHGs and other forums.. Keep up good writing, always good to see thoughts so clearly and uninhibitedly expressed!!