January 16, 2013

A 'pearl' Found

Namaste to all of you!
I shal begin with a verse from srimad bhagavad-gita-

'you have right to perform your prescribed duty but never at any time
in their results,Never consider yourself the cause of results of your
activities and Never be attached to not doing your duty'.
Its a beautiful quote which holds a meaning for us as a 'stammerer'
and for the whole human kind.         Friends,as a stutterer its our
duty to'have awarenes about our speech,speak slowly,breath
properly,maintain eye-contact while speaking and attending SHG as much
as possible.

When we talk to people,get stuck on words,we feel ashamed and thinks
like ''whats the use of working on my stammering that hurts me so
often!! ''. Here the 'gita' says keep on doing your duty,result is
bound to occur with each action(but don't wish for that) ,also you
don't have to abstain from ur duty(SHG,eye contact,pranayam,proper
breath..etc).  As god himself has stated so,who we are to question his
Kumar Kundan
Kala Amb


j jasbir singh said...

We should believe in following three actions:
1. APJ Abdul Kalam said: "You have to dream before your dreams can come true." So first dream for achieving something.
2. Second, to succeed , we must first believe. So believing in ourself is very important.Have faith in yourself.
3. Last and most important, as Gita says do your karma leaving results to that Almighty. You may call Him God.

I think this should be the way of life.

हेमन्त कुमार "हृदय" said...

किसी शायर ने ठीक ही कहा है-
ईक नयी जिंदगी से क्या होगा.
कुछ ना होगा तो तजुर्बा होगा.
Atleast MOTIVATION we can get in SHG meetings or in TISA workshop as
young people can take advantage of experience of aged (well-established) PWS and
aged PWS also can get motivation from young PWS on "acceptance" as youngsters are more flexible and courageous.

Vijay Kumar said...

i agree sir.
sir jeevan meN jo bhee kuch hota hai sab achche ke liye hee hota hai .

gaurav gulati said...
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sachin said...

@Gaurav Gulati- your comment was stopped due to couple of unparliamentary words.. Please change them and it will be published..
Thank you and sorry! (Editor)