December 10, 2012


PUNE SHG had a meeting on 9th Dec 2012.

The member who attended the meeting were


We first started with meditation in which sanjeet sir gave instructions how to do meditation.

Next  activity we performed was Slow Reading.

After that a round of introduction was done.

As the number of attendees was less we decided that everybody will tell a short story.
Everybody told stories related to different topics.

Later we had a very interesting activity Role Play of court.
Sanjeet sir was assign the role of judge ,other members were also assigned roles like deceased,lawyers.

Last Activity we  performed was extempore everybody was assigned a topic to speak.
Vikas told about the stuttering pro software which is a DAF type software.It is free ware.
The meeting was over around 1 pm.

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sachin said...

Thanks a lot, Amol!
I think when participants are less, you get more time for extempore speeches and more fun! So, the attendance is fine, as it is. And the role play must have been fun- I am not sure who played the role of "deceased" and how!! But I am sure it must have been great FUN!
You should post the link of your post to different forums (Yahoo, Orkut, Facebook) so that anyone from Pune or nearby, will get to know that you guys are meeting regularly..
You can also get some free copies of Self help manual from Delhi, Banglore, Hyderabad.. Get in touch with Coordinators there..