December 25, 2012


From 12.12.12 to 23.12.12 I completed my third Vipassana course from Kunjpura Karnal. Honestly speaking I had undertaken my first course in Oct-Nov 2011 for my stammering cure . Now my conviction has further got strengthened that using Vipassana for curing such handicapsies is Degradation of Vipassana and Undervaluation of Vipassana. A course in Vipassana meditation is an opportunity to take concrete steps towards liberation. One starts progressing towards the highest goal to which mankind can aspire i.e. purity of mind ,freedom from all suffering and full enlightenment. By observing breath we observe our mind. Nature of breath is strongly connected to one’s mental state. As soon as any defilement arises in the mind, the breath becomes abnormal –one starts breathing a little rapidly, a little heavily. When the defilement passes away, the breath again becomes soft. Thus breath can help to explore the reality not only of the body, but also of the mind. The habit pattern of the mind is that it does not want to stay in the present moment. One has to live in the present. Whatever is past is gone beyond recall, whatever is future remains beyond one’s reach, until it becomes present. Remembering the past and giving thought to the future are important ,but only to the extent that they help one to deal with the present. Yet because of its ingrained habit , the mind constantly tries to escape from present reality into a past or future that is unattainable and this wild mind remains agitated and miserable. The goal of vipassana is to purify the mind, to free it from misery by gradually eradicating the negativities within. It is an operation deep into one’s own unconscious, performed in order to uncover and remove the complexes hidden there. Sensation can lead to reactions of craving and aversion and hence to suffering, but sensation can also lead to wisdom with which one ceases reacting and starts to emerge from suffering and BIRTH is the cause of all sufferings , which one overcomes through vipassana. Other defilements like stammering etc. goes away like by products.

Our mind is the main culprit responsible for all our sufferings. To be a master of your mind or slave , the choice is of Ours.

I strongly recommend all PWS to undergo Vipassana course at least once and get benefitted.

Jasbir sandhu,

99150 06377


Dinesh said...

Jasbir Ji,
I did my course my Oct 31 to Nov 10in Chennai. Thanks for writing the wonderful review, I share the exact feelings.

I will recommend Vipassana to every PWS and every non-PWS also! Its worth it!!

sachin said...

Yes, you are right. Many of us do right things for "non-right" reasons. Many years ago, I wanted to become a doctor to have more power on others! not to serve really!! Over the years, I learned my lesson! Life is the best and ultimate teacher.. isn't it?

Manimaran said...

Congratulation Jasbir for your wonderful write up.Keep writing like this.