December 23, 2012

Bangalore SHG meeting report - 23/12/2012

Write-up Anand..
The meeting saw 11 people attend, 2 recently joined faces(Subodh and Rajan), and the usual suspects Anandh, Dinesh, Kishan, Pramod, Pravin, Mayank, Kiran, Chandrashekhar and Sairam. It followed the earlier announced schedule(reading practice, introductions and discussions). Some insights from the meet were

1.      A PWS shared that,  he realized while we are stuck up in stammering, there is a world beyond stammering, and that he is much more relaxed now. Also, he felt that when we are more authentic(instead of bothering about ‘looking good/avoiding looking bad.

2.      Another PWS observed that the ‘Stammering Cure Centre’(run by Partha Bagchi) had not put up its stall this year in the Bangalore Book Festival 2012, for the first time in 5-6yrs. Maybe this is a sign of people getting more mature about stammering ‘cures’!

3.      Another PWS recounted the case of him being able to fluently give his details when he accompanied his father to a hospital. He credited this to the long practice he had done(1/2hr/day reading) and 3days/week Skype calls, besides attending SHG meetings for nearly a year now.

4.      Another PWS practiced his introduction loudly, in advance of attending an army SSB selection. We wish him all the best!

5.      A PWS(with a masters degree on physiotheraphy) spoke from the heart about escapism during interaction with patients, not wanting applause for ‘speaking despite stammering’ but wanting to speak fluently. His sincerity and will to improve was really inspiring

6.      Pramod spoke passionately on ‘eve teasing’ bringing in perspectives from law, history and grammar. His speech was excellent on content and style(nearly flawless delivery and diction), and showed the extent he had prepared it. As they say, preparation is vital.

Dinesh then summarized his sharing for the new joinees:-

1.      Keep yourself busy-so that you don’t have time to worry about pointless matters.

2.      Integrity-keep commitment to yourself and others, this boosts self confidence and makes you more likely to change also

3.      Expert knowledge-not on irrelevant things like cricket scores, but on work relevant things

At first blush, these points seem irrelevant to stammering itself, but is in sync with holistic approach towards stammering. Some members at the end expressed their opinions how to make the session s more fruitful.
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Dinesh said...

From next week, Anand is moving to Noida, we wish him all the best and will certainly miss his wonderul reports!

sachin said...

Banglore's loss could be Delhi's gain! Anand, I am sure would love to play the same role for Delhi SHG..
Thanks everyone for meeting and sharing..

Jitender Gupta प्रथम said...

Welcome Anand!!!!

Jitender Gupta प्रथम said...

Welcome Anand!!!!