November 22, 2012

In the beginning..

In the beginning was Silence.
Then came Thoughts.
Finally, Words.
Still later came- Speech, Oratory, Fluency.
And people said: He gave a damn good speech!
And people wrote books: “100 ideas- How to give damn good speech!”

In the beginning was Silence.
Then, came Thoughts.
Like little waves in a deep ocean.
Thoughts consisted of silence-
Were all pervasive, everywhere-
Made of same substance as the ocean.

Before you asked, someone gave you the water.
Because thoughts were not divided
by the artificial boundaries of EGO.
Thoughts were One- we were One.
We understood without words.

Teacher taught without words.
Teacher and Taught sat together in communion.
At the end, Taught understood everything,
Even though words were not exchanged.

Then, in an outward (or downward) movement-
The need to dazzle others arose:
Pun, Hyperbole, Spoonerism-
They all came, marching- as an army of ants..
Then, came misunderstanding and confusion.

Thoughts got killed in beautiful words.
Silence vanished..
What was left? Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Books, Journals..
But little wisdom.
The silence which gave meaning to words had vanished.

Since all movement is in circle-
I must return to THAT Silence..

(17th July 2012)


Harish Usgaonker said...

Very deep and subtle... Enjoyed reading this poetry... There is a writer of professional caliber hidden in you 'Doctor' :)

sachin said...

Thanks Harish!

Kushal Batabyal said...

Hmmm, I understand the meaning (partly), but still too young and ambition to follow the directed path!!

Dinesh said...

Wonderful.. once this small boundary of ego is dissolved then it will give way for "The One". Where the created and creater become one :-)

Still all theory from my side!! :-) [Chintamaya Panya] yet to have some practical experience :-)[Bhavanamaya Panya!!]