October 19, 2012

Seminar and Oral OHH no!!!

Seminar and viva, whenever a pws heard these words .The fear starts griping them. I also fear these words.  

Last week and the current week i was flooded with orals, seminar etc. I had given all seminars and orals.
Earlier it was a message that every student must prepare seminar on any technology related topic for about 20-25 minutes later it was reduced to 10-15 minutes. One more thing I thought that seminar has to be given in front of whole class and teachers but the irony was that it has to be given only in front of the allotted teachers only who are going to judge seminar. It’s like happiness with tears I was ready to stammer in front of the whole class. I don’t have any problem in college now a days as my classmates and teachers know about it.

Let’s come to the seminar again
The teacher who has judged my seminar knows about stammering .I stammered severely but I don’t feel any agony or guilt. The main thing was he was not making eye contacts with me. I felt that he is showing little bit of sympathy. Later I told my mind that it’s ok it’s not my problem. It’s his problem if he is not making eye contact.

Now it’s Oral time
I have given 2 orals with external teachers who have come from other colleges. Teachers were taking oral of 2 students at a time. They were not aware of my stammering. My anxieties were at saturation point. As soon the teacher starts asking question I was blocking severely on each word.

The teacher asked me do you have any problem. I told i have a problem of stammering. She again asked do you always speak like that. I told yes after a very long pause. In the pause the student sitting beside me my fellow classmate told that he always speak like that .Its natural .After hearing this I got some sigh of relief.   I had answered question with stammering on each word.

After this I noticed that I am not feeling any kind of regret for stammering its ok I stammer. All credit goes to coorg NGT. All inspiring and motivating people were present at NGT. Some of them have unique stories and some of them have identical stories. I learned many things from NGT Being a stammerer you can get job in MNC,Being a stammerer you can become Entreprenuer,Being a stammerer you can do anything. In simple words everybody was awesome.

Now the scenario in my college is that all my classmates and teachers are aware of stammering and Tisa. What they don’t know is How to deal pws. I have noticed that teachers try to lose contact when I stammered. Some of the teachers are supportive also they told me we are not bothered about your speech. We don’t have any issue with your Speech. Although I stammered severely but the agony and the negative attitude towards stammering has diminished.

I also want to Thanks to TISA who has supported many people financially for attending NGT. I am one of them. All credit goes to Mr. Dinesh and TISA. I also thank all the contributors who helped in raising the funds.



sachin said...

Thanks Amol for this sharing. It is a tribute to you, Dinesh and the NGT. More than 90% of stammering is our psychological reactions to stammering episodes. Once we are free of that baggage, we naturally feel lighter and speak better. You may put it on a notice board or circulate using some creative manner to people in your college:
Stammering protocol (for non-pws listeners): Maintain eye contact; slow yourself down; focus on content and ask questions after a few seconds..etc.

Ravi Prajapati said...

Good experience Alok Keep it up....