October 2, 2012

National Get Together - Day 2 and 3

If anyone says COORG word before any person who attended the Coorg NGT he/she will produce a sweet smile and immediately you even see a sudden change in smile to closure.
The sweet smile is because of the experiences we had there and sudden stopping of smile is seen as we already completed our Coorg NGT :(
Frankly saying my mind is still in Honey Valley wandering and wanting to see you all people.
Love you all, miss you all ....tears turning in eyes when i think that its all over but had cherished awesome moments into sweet memories with you all my dear friends.
2nd Day of Conference.
Everyday's Morning welcomed us with cool breeze mixed with clouds and fogs touching our windows and entering our resort's room and making us hug to bed still. But we used to get up even in that situation to see our beautiful friends and beautiful scenes around us.
That day we got up early and after daily routines we assembled at Kitchen cum conference room.
Everyday's breakfast is a surprise for us. What to say about bread, cheese, jam, milk,coffee,tea, dosas,idlys :) So awesome food which i never tasted other than home.

After that we assembled in open space and started with an activity where we all formed a big round and every member must tell his name prefixing it with an adjective defining him. Like i told as Rockstar Rajesh. Adjective must start with your name's starting word. So 2nd person must say 1st person's adjective+name along with his adjective+name. Now 3rd person says 1st and 2nd persons's adjec+names along with his. Like that the cycle continues. Fun was unlimited.
After that we had laughing exercise, we laughed in different ways. This is a kind of therapy which produces chemicals in human body which are good for health.
We had a beautiful session from Prof. Satya Mahapatra. He shared many life experiences which he had in life and he himself a PWS shared his life and given great confidence to all.
Later he cleared doubts raised by our friends about Stammering.

After this few people left to site seeing. We explored many places before our eyes. Its a forest hill, for adventurous folks its a heaven, for calm people it is a place for meditation, for nature lovers it a lovely place and for lonely people it is a place with friends sharing experiences with limitless love.
We had been called for lunch, again full of surprises in lunch. Too good food !

Post Lunch we started sharing the life experiences of all our friends in group.
Everyone started sharing their stories. They shared confidence, they shared joy, they shared their life changing events. We all were throwing ball of confidences among us and we have built a great wall of confidence after this meeting. Great to see many people talking about great things in life.
Mr.Mani ji, Mr.Raja ji and many peoples have told about their experiences and life journey.

After that again few people left for exploring the forest and few people enjoyed nature :) 
At night after dinner we had a beautiful camp fire with DG music from Vishal :) So awesome that i can't express in words. We danced like hell, i never danced like that before, enjoyed to the fullest.
The cool breeze, fog at our backs are tickling us and same time warmth air of camp fire wood at our front.. How can i tell what experiences we had there.
Ms.Aruna has played her flute, very great performance which we couldn't forget. 
We went to bed around 1AM enjoying to the fullest.

3rd Day of Conference

Morning is very cool as it was raining whole night. Cool breezes, fog and clouds are once again ready for wishing us Good Morning !
The hot water bath from wood fired pots are awesome. Nice experience to bath with that water. Spa kinda feeling ! Few people left for trekking up the hill and few people went down the hill and they came back with leaches in their shoes.

After all got freshed up we assembled in Kitchen and had an awesome breakfast with homemade bread-jam of Honey Valley's. Breakfast includes Fruit salad, coffee, tea and milk.

The day's activity started with JP Bros' Nani-Pani activity. In this activity we all made a big round. The instruction for the game is when he says Nani we must jump backward where we are and if he says Pani we shall jump forward. He will confuse us with continues instructions like Nani-Pani-Pani-Nani in different patterns.So everyone shall jump accordingly if anyone fails he shall go out of circle and rest of the people will continue. Mr.Ravi stood till last so he won in that activity.

After this Ms.Aruna has played her flute.She played it so well that we were mesmerized in the melodious sound from here flute and stayed still in the drizzling sky.
We played another activity called Nai Bole coordinated by JP Bro.
After that we had speeches from our friends they shared their life changing stories,confidence is once again flowed with limitless boundaries.

We headed for lunch, good food ! We ate to the fullest :)
Post lunch we again started with members' speeches, many people spoke about their stories. Everyone has inspired everyone in the group. We filled bucket full of confidence day by day from every member's speech.
Dr.Sachin ji has come on skype live, he has given beautiful speech. He solved doubts of many people in the group. He told about acceptance and how it helps us in facing Stammering.
Among them SLPs like Mr.Satya Mahapatra , Mr.Vijay and Ms.Jayasurya spoke about Stammering and different approaches to deal with it.

We had great dinner after that, we cracked jokes and at same time we were unhappy too as some people are leaving after dinner. Slowly emotions were seen. We finally bid bye to few members.
After that we created souvenirs for ourselfs :) Every member is given a white paper and asked to write his name on top. We left our papers on tables and now every member comes to every others papers and writes a testimony/ comment on everyone's paper. Its a great thing to cherish with us. Really it will remain as the greatest gift for years from all members.

We thought to end the day with beautiful camp fire but rain was at its peak so we had a meeting in our cottages till 1AM. Discussions went on and on as we know next day we have to check out from Honey Valley. We spent much time in talking about acceptance in Stammering.
We went to beds late night.

Next day we got up early in morning and packed our things. We were headed down the hill using the jeeps of Honey Valley. In the jeep no one talked much to anyone. Everybody were so silent. We know we were missing the place and people too. As the jeep is sloping down our mouths turned too much silent. Just the sweet moments are rolling making us feel the missing moments.
We came to Virajpet bus station after taking a local bus. From there we headed to Mysore and from there we headed to Banglore in another bus. From there everyone wished and hugged each other for final Bye.

Finally after taking my bus to Hyderabad i have been thinking of many things. What i got from this National GetTogether is that a new angle of Acceptance. What we all did in the 3 days is we stammered at ease, we accepted Stammering and shared confidence and isn't it all required in our Life. Very productive days we spent there. Today few members talked to me and even they were missing everyone a lot.
Miss you all :(

Together We Step Up Together We Succeed !

Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007


Anonymous said...

Good One

Satyendra said...

Meeting others on the same journey is so wonderful..
I hope someone has recorded Aruna's flute recital.. Let us put it on you tube..
Even though I was here, in spirit, I was hovering our over those coffee slopes, forest and tees..
Can I request all participants to write a few lines, as a feedback, here in these comments and then one of us can repost them as one post?

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Sachin ji - We all missed you in meeting. But we can feel you in every activity and in every moment.
Yes Ms.Aruna's flute recital is recorded, i will update in youtube and share the link.

Wasim said...

Missed this event.......

J P Sunda said...

it was an amazing experience to be with so many people who stammer and hear their inspiring stories..Even better was to see 4 couples and three girls..I hope we continue to create safe environment for everyone to participate and speak as we did in this event. Thanks Rajesh for the report. It was a pleasure to meet you

Joy deep Majumder said...

Your talks with us were inspiring and thought provocative...

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Wasim Bro - Yes you missed a lot in this NGT.

@JP Bro - Welcome and its my pleasure to meet you too. Its amazing experience that we had there. It remained as a sweet memory in heart and mind.

@Joy Bro - Thank you so much, I felt so happy meeting a cool guy like you. The evening which i spent with you and Mukul and other friends on a table is a great memory to cherish :)


Manimaran said...

First of all I congratulate Bangaluru SHG for the wonderful arrangements they had made at honey valley, Coorg. It is easier to arrange such an event at cities but not in the midst of a forest that too with good accommodation and delicious food.

After becoming coordinator of Chennai SHG, I received phone calls/mails from 10 woman PWS but no one neither met me nor attended Chennai chapter meeting. It is very heartening to see three woman PWS attended 2nd NC that too in a forest. Hats off to them.

Also 4 PWS were attended along with their wives (including myself) which also really an achievement.

The 2nd NC was a wonderful event and I am looking forward to attend the 3rd NC.


Dinesh said...

The kind of learning/growth Bangalore SHG experienced in last 3days was immense. In normal circumstances it would have taken 2years or maybe 2 decades..
Thank you Rajesh for the wondeful report, you have captured the emotions well. You are charismatic!!
Thank you Mani Sir and Sachin Sir, with your blessings nothing is too difficult !! :-)
JP, keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.

Rajesh, Hyderabad said...

@Dinesh Bro - Thank you so much :) Thanks for great NGT :) No words to express how i enjoyed this NGT !