October 21, 2012

Kundan From Kala Amb, Engineering College

Hello friends,
I am so happy to be back to you with my experiences I went through in
recent days. I candidly recognise that it was not easy for me to stay out of seminars,SHG'S & GET TOGETHERS but due to my study commitment I was not able to attend these group activities,but believe me teachings of TISA Communication workshops have always remained with me.
While spending time with the similar peoples you gain strength for
facing real life problems,you never feel shy about your
stammering,these certainly boost up your confidence,no matter where
you work,where you study,but stammering communities are like our
On 6th oct this month,there was seminar in my college,where HOD'S from Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Amity university,and
NIT-kurukshetra had come as resource persons.
During the seminar, I ventured out of my comfort zone and was actively involved in questioning and answering. Because i knew''MORE THE TIME YOU SPEND IN YOUR DISCOMFORT ZONE,YOUR COMFORT ZONE EXPANDS.
A- S- sir(amity univ),went on bragging about himself,about his
ability and intelligence,,,,I suddenly got the chance,stood up and
said "there is nothing amazing in that ,because you have come
prepared..." (I did have difficulty at -"prepared"- but I said it)  After that I was his focus- in a nice way- and I attentively learnt minutes
of management.
In this way I proved myself better than non-stammerer.
I would be happy if you talk to me,share your experience so that we
can learn more from each other in nurturing manner.
-KUMAR KUNDAN,kala amb

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sachin said...

Saying a word, in spite of "difficulty"- that is what Acceptance is all about..
Every time you do it, you become stronger; next time, it is definitely easier..
Come and share your experiences in person in our SHGs and national events..You will be inspiring many young students out there..