October 28, 2012

Herbutpur communication workshop- day one

 (In OPD, Inaugural session with Dr Martha, Individual presentation while using techniques)

Yesterday we started one more communication workshop for PWS here in Anugrah Hospital, Herbetpur under facilitation of Dr Sachin. There were around 14 PWS attend this event on first day.  Activities took place on day one was like this.
  1. Meeting started with formal introduction by each participant. Dr. Sachin asked everybody to stammer openly and deliberately while giving their introduction. It followed by a game which demonstrate that how bad listener generally we PWS are. We were asked to toss a pen to anyone in group turn by turn, and that person has to recall the name of the person tossed the pen at him. Except few, many people could not recall the name. it is the fact that PWS seldom try to focus on content of the speaker , rather they got struck to the fancy of style & fluency of t speaker or else worried about their turn for.
  2.  We played another game called ‘BUM ‘which demonstrated that inelegance level of a stammer is as good or bad as that of normal person. We PWS are under the misconception that we are above average in intelligence level as compared to normal persons.
  3.  Dr Sachin invited Dr. Martha (non-stammer) working in Anugrah hospital as pathologist, to deliver her views about stammering. We were asked to narrate something in brief to Dr. Martha maintaining eye contact with her and without caring about their stammering. Dr. Martha also shared her views about stammering and general perception about PWS from female point of view. As a non PWS she felt it is absolutely ok if somebody stammer as there are much more serious problems exist in this world which has got no cure in medical science. We are fortunate enough that at least it is possible to reduce severity of stammering within acceptable limit.
  4.  Now, everybody was asked to wear a batch bearing ‘ Main huklata hoon…. Pl pay attention while listening to me’ printed on it.  After that we were supposed to go down and interact with non-stammer staff of the hospital and get introduced our self by stammering deliberately. At first it looked weird and we felt reluctant in doing so but everybody accepted it slowly felt relaxed after doing so.
  5.  Extending same activity as mentioned above we were asked to go down in a lobby were OPD patients were sitting and give our introduction as PWS. This again was very embarrassing moment but slowly we all shed off their inhibition and we all made fun of our self in pubic. This really eases pressure on our mind. We realized that it is not a sin to accept before world that we are “Hakla’. In next round, turn by turn everyone cracked joke by deliberating stammering on punch line. By this time everybody got free from all fear and stammered openly in public. It was really mind blowing. Perhaps everybody got a chance to crack joke before a group for the very first time in their life.
  6.  After lunch we learnt the technique of bouncing and prolongation technique.
  7.  In evening we all went to a Assan lake were we enjoyed coffee in group and played some more game though not related to stammering.
We called off the day by shouting’ Main huklata hoon’ loudly in coffee house.


Anandh Sundar said...

"We PWS are under the misconception that we are above average in intelligence level as compared to normal persons"-I agree that we should not feel arrogant/overconfidence EVER, but is this really a misconception?

Also, hats off for the exercise of openly coming out 'Main haklata hu'.that takes more courage than what most of us have

sachin said...

Thanks Jitendra and Anupinder for putting up the comprehensive post, in spite of a very busy schedule..

Er. Umesh said...

Thanks to all of you...we learned and enjoyed a lot there.

lalit said...

nice post...described activity as live...

lalit said...
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