August 15, 2012

Pune shg report

Hello Friends hope you are doing well.

The members who attended PUNE SHG meet which was held on 12th August Amol, Pradeep, Vivek, Sachin, and Sanjeet.

The first activity we had performed was Meditation. Sanjeet sir gave instructions for Meditations. After that slow reading was done. Later we introduce ourselves. We had session of question answer in which one person will be selected and rest all members will ask questions to him and this will repeat with every other person. The questions were like
                What are your hobbies?
                If you get a chance to become actor what will you do?
                What other profession you would choose other that your current profession?

Later Vivek sang a song of DILIP KUMAR after that he leaves the SHG hall because he was having some work. The last activity we performed was prepared speech. I spoke about India’s Independence and sachin sir also continues my same topic and spoke about how india achieve Independence. Sanjeet sir shares a story of film Ishqzade. Pradeep told us a short story.
The meeting was over around 1 pm.

Amol karale

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Dinesh said...

Good work Amol. It is good to see that you spoke about Indian independence. Keep it up..