August 7, 2012

Pune Shg-5th AUGUST 2012

Hello friends this is a report of Pune shg held on 5th AUGUST 2012.
The members who attended meeting on 5th AUGUST  2012 were Anup,Sachin,Pradeep(New member),Vivek,Ravishankar and myself. As Pradeep has come for first shg meeting i told him about TISA and PUNE shg.I also told him about techniques like Bouncing,Prolongation and Slow Reading and demonstrated these techniques.

The following are the activities which we performed

In this activity we concentrate on our breath for 5-8 minutes. We take long breadth and exhale slowly.

Formal Introduction:
Everybody gives introduction in a normal way without using any technique.

Slow Reading:
In this activity we read 1 paragraph in a very slow way. Each member read one by one.

Group Discussion:
We have selected topic should Anna Join Politics or Not. Sachin sir first explained what Anna is doing. Then some speak in favour of Anna that he should join Politics and some were not in favour.
In this activity everybody speak on some prepared topic. I spoke on topic Book Shop Management which is my project in College. Anup sir and Ravishankar spoke on London Olympic. Pradeep sir spoke on psychology. Sachin sir spoke on Role of germany in World War 1 and 2.He explained in a very good way .Like some film story is going. Vivek spoke on documentary India Untouched which he saw some last week.
The meeting was over around 1 pm.

Amol karale(Member of Pune SHG)
Mobile No.-9763951322


Vinay said...

gud one.
but u posted it very late. 5th July was more than one mnth bck.

sachin said...

Dear Amol, if you ever run out of ideas, browse the blog- many SHGs are coming up new and challenging activities..
Above all the main thing is- to have good time together and give a chance to every one to speak..and to listen!

amolkarale said...

vinay sir i typed JULY with mistake the meeting is of 5th august 2012