August 5, 2012

Kudos to TISA people for publishing SAMVAD vol9

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every people who have contributed to TISA newsletter.
Not much to say, but it is indeed a great magazine. It can be read at

Thanks Harish for publishing and letting us know.

Haklao, Magar Pyaar Se


sachin said...

Yes- Samwad is a big achievement for TISA. It takes some effort and planning. It can be further helped IF we would regularly contribute to it. Samwad should be a mouthpiece of a community based on PRACTICE rather than theory or principles.. In other words, whatever we do or explore in TISA, should be written about in Samwad- among other things- on priority.
So, friends, put on your writing caps..for the next issue.

J P Sunda said...

Thanks Prakash! I have added the link to your article.

And Yes, Samvad is a GREAT magazine full of REAL stories

Harish Usgaonker said...

Thanks Prakash.

As Dr. Sachin said, it's the contributions and real-life stories which makes Samvad so interesting. Let's gear up and start writing :)