July 6, 2012


Today morning I was shocked to read the news in the Times of India that Shaun, a seven year old boy has been asked to leave his Pune school as he stammered, stating stammering a physical disability. It has been rightly stated that the school authorities need counselling to better understand the speech disorder. The people who stammer have certainly higher IQ's. How can they be deprived of their right to education? It is shameful that Shaun has to move Mumbai High Court for protection of his rights. The school authorities need to be shown the movie : King's Speech, to understand the disorder. Perhaps, they are also not aware that King George VI, Aristotle, Winston Churchil, Marilyn Monroe, EMS Namboodripad, Hrithik Roshan, Rowan Atkinson, Ed Ball, Kangana Ranaut,etc. all had the speech disorders but were not asked to leave the school. Further why we remember their name is not a secret.

I appeal all TISA members to join for the protection of right of Shaun Santamaria.

We are grateful to Sumitra Deb Roy,TNN for covering the news.


Jasbir Singh
099150 06377         

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