June 24, 2012

News of Hyderabad SHG Meet Up on June 24

Today's meeting is simply wonderful, it has taught us how to talk in public, how practice is important with a beautiful activity proposed by our fellow member Mr.Aditya.
Members attended the meeting w.r.t below pic(left to right ) are
1)Aditya 2)Santhosh 3)Mahiipal 4)Shyam and 5)Rajesh.

Activity-1: We saw a great inspirational video of "Nick Vujicick" .He has no arms and no legs. He inspires a lot with his Happy Living Life. One of the greatest guy i remember every time.

Activity-2:  Meeting started with National Anthem by physically challenged children.

Activity-3: We meditated for 15 minutes for knowing the importance of living in present moment. We do our best if you live in present moment rather than living in past thoughts or future expectations.

Activity-4: Our friend Aditya has been proposing an activity from past 3weeks so we finally done in this  weekend, its like an experiment to make people feel good that they have spoken with confidence in presence of a public without knowing that he is addressing to a  public gathering. Actually they are blindfolded in this activity. No member knows what is going to happen (except Aditya and myself).

Member is just given an instruction to prepare a sentence of around 15words which include difficult words where he would stammer a lot. He was told to stand in a remote place far from us (so much far from us in fact )and asked to utter that sentence with eyes open. We also told him that when he is confident enough in his speech  with no blocks he shall clap 3 times and we actually misdirected him that this clap sound is for  your brain which takes it as a signal that you are confident enough but actual thing is we wanted to know if he is properly uttering his sentence or not, so from then on whenever he utters without any blocks he claps and it is a signal for us :)Like this he repeats it till someone stops him. May be around 20-30 times :)

For first 2 minutes his eyes were open but later we closed his eyes with a cloth by interrupting in his activity and saying this would help him to concentrate on his speech rather than his outer world  and we made him believe that we went far from him by talking loudly from far place so that he will be confident enough and he will be in a feeling that he is alone and he never blocks. Some more sounds were made by us intentionally to make him feel that rest of the group are busy in their own activity and left him aside. We also assured him that this is a good remote place where no one comes so even in his blindfold nothing is going to happen and he will be safe so he was busy in his activity seriously :).

When we observed him clapping for continuous times we came to know that he is confident enough so we slowly came back of him without making any sounds, we added people around us in that place for every clap time , we added some strangers (some visitors and workers in park)to our gathering and  when the member was asked and told to open his eyes he was shocked seeing many people along with strangers around him but still he uttered with a great confidence.
After opening his eyes he was asked to utter again and to our surprise he was very confident enough and he never blocked at his words even before many strangers around him. (Mahipal and Santhosh have performed it one after other in this activity with blindfolded ) Kudos to Aditya for great activity !!!

Activity-5: We discussed about Bouncing technique and shown live examples in my speech where I  bounce. We also discussed how it helps us to have better control on our blocks.

Activity-6: We practiced slow reading of an article of "how speech is produced from our body" by using bouncing technique whenever we found blocks in our speech. People enjoyed their slow reading activity.

Activity-7: We did breathing exercises (anulom-vilom and kapalbhati ) and discussed their importance.

Today meeting is awesome, we had a great time. We are recharged :) We signed off the meeting and wished Bye to each other at 1:30 pm.

Note: Some more pics  
(1)Mahipal doing his blindfold activity 
(2)The Pool side pick of Park's. 
(3) Santhosh doing his blindfold activity.

Thanks for your time. Have a nice week :)
Together We Step Up, Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V
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Rajesh V said...

I have to thank Mr.Aditya for his time.
Even though he doesn't stammer now but still he participates in SHG meetings to help fellow PWS.
He has come on vacation to India for a couple of months and still finds time for meetings in spite of his busy schedules.
I really appreciative you and your support bro.


aditya said...

Its my pleasure. This was just aprelimanary test of the excercise. So I think feedback should to taken from santhosh and we have work on it. Ragesh you have very well supported all the guys and helped me in getting this excercise put into action.
The key to the excercise is that it should be done in very very small steps. As many steps as possible. The.more the number of steps the more effective it would be on the person. I think we could go upto a hour too.It is analogous to the fact that stammering can only.be slowly removed not in just a couple of steps. I should appreciate you for supporting the group greately.

sachin said...

That Blind folding activity seems to be quite a neat trick! As to Aditya- I am sure many more pws will follow his example. One of the signs of true recovery is- you have the courage to go back, revisit stammering, and help others who are still struggling against it..
If one want to keep one's distance from stammering, then, it means that his recovery still has an element of fear and discomfort..not complete recovery.
Congratulations Aditya, Rajesh and all other participants..

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji--Thank you so much :) We are thinking to have a Dancing activity like the one that happened in Herbertpur SHG meeting. I read it from our blog.

@Aditya--I have already taken feedback from both of them, they felt great and surprised.Thanks for boot-up work bro :)

J P Sunda said...

Learned a new activity from this meeting report. A very good meeting I must say!