June 14, 2012

Accept the fear. ..Things will transform.

Hi Friends,
This is Vishal Shah from Coimbatore. I am 30 Years of age and I run an ad agency.. I would like to share my experience of stammering with you which you might find useful. 

I started stammering when I was 6 years of age. I experienced stammering for the first time in UKG when the teacher in the school asked me to speak.  As I grew up I started resisting stammering. My problem got complex as I grew. The more you resist the more it persist. In school there were boys who used to bully me. There were few teachers who were helpful, few were not. My life was around stammering.  My respect for people or humanity was not that great. 

In 2006 I completed MBA. I did a job for 3 months and I quit because again I found stammering as a hurdle in my life. I found the access to the world closed because I was unable to express myself. I went into depression till 2010. Then I learned from life that we have to accept stammering. If I stammer, so what?  Acceptance does not mean giving up or failure. Acceptance causes disappearance. What I did was, I stammered with people. Stammer, stammer, stammer!
Consider you are afraid of darkness. How can you remove the fear of darkness? You can do that by standing in that dark room and experience that nothing has happened to you. Your fear will vanish gradually. Similarly for stammering, fear causes stammering. Let the fear come. Let stammering happen.

 Stammering is situational.  If you try to correct your speech, you are gonna be nowhere. I made my speech complex by correcting my speech over and over again and again. 

I chose the fear of stammering. Let me stammer.  I said to myself, let me experience the fear of stammering. My situation was so worse that I was unable to speak two words together. Now I have started my ad firm, I interact with employees, customers, girls and everyone else. Today I can stammer with anyone in the planet. Stammering has reduced considerably and will vanish off in the time to come. 

My friends in this group who stammer, I would like to tell you that I am there for you. I stand for you, for your life and for you to achieve what you want to achieve in your life. Nothing, not even stammering can stop you from achieving what you want to achieve. The greatest mistake I made was trying to change myself. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOURSELF! Change is very difficult. When you don't do anything, things do not get stuck! Acceptance is easy. Just don't do anything.  Accept the fear. Love the fear. Things will transform. 

You can contact me anytime. My no: +91-9894479941. My email & fb: vishm42@rediffmail.com. My website: orangebirdie.com. Looking forward to a stammering free world!!!

ED: TISA congratulates Vishal on his achievements and for sharing his inspiring story with us! Vishal, do come to Coorg and inspire many more people..


Dinesh said...

Acceptance is a very complex term which has been explained very well here and in a very positive way.
Thanks Vishal and Sachin for sharing. Yes, would love to meet Vishal in Coorg!

Rajesh V said...

@Vishal---Thanks for sharing your success story.I am recharged bro :)

Harish Usgaonker said...

Very much inspiring. This orange birdie is flying... and flying high... and he says he does it by doing nothing!

Vishal, We all say acceptance is difficult. But I loved your phrase- "Acceptance is easy. Just don't do anything!" Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you will make it to the Coorg get-together.

Mohit kumar said...

Very Inspiring story bro, Hope we 'the fellow stammer' learn something from you.I personally learnt from you that Stammering is not the hurdle for achieving what you want to.
Thanks for sharing.

Neeraj said...

Very Inspiring.. Thanks for sharing Vishal. Hope to see you in Coorg.

Sumeet said...

Simply Great story, thanx very much for sharing

Raj said...

really inspiring vishal . My story is same . . I am also mba . . 2002 pass out . To survive in this world i did back office jobs continuosly for 9 years and my salary never crossed 10k figure , so i am financially depleted . My parents hate me or not value as compare to my other brothers because i dont contribute to family . Being stammering is crime ? Now i got married and have one child recenty borned , but no job . How to survive is my big question ?