May 7, 2012

TISA Editorial Policy

TISA Editorial Policy
  1. The Indian Stammering Association (TISA) is a community of Indian People who stammer bound together with the core ideology of self help and Acceptance.

  2. TISA blog and website contents are meant for the use of the community, with a focus on genuine ‘communication’ rather than fluency. TISA blog is a platform to share beliefs and experiences while checking out various self-help approaches, for no expectations of gain- monetary, control, power or fame whatsoever.

  3. The posts and reader's comments on TISA blog will be moderated by the admin team ( By Amit Kushwaha, at present). Authors and Readers are welcome to post, provided the contents abide by the TISA Editorial policy, mentioned herewith.

  4. TISA encourages posts in various Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and any other languages along with English.

  5. Requests for Author Privilege: Readers wanting to contribute to TISA blog as an author, will need to do the following things-
    1. Write a email to  or  with a request for the author rights.
    2. Please send us an introduction, of not less than 1000 words, about author’s own experiences about stammering, with a self photo, and a 5 minute self-introduction video.
    3. First 3 posts should be mailed to the admin team at  or  and the same will be posted by the admin team.
    4. On successfully completing the above three steps, the author may be given author rights and will be intimated by mail. The author will now be able to post his own write ups and articles by logging into the TISA blog.

  6. Authors posting on TISA blog should refrain from using SMS language in the posts. The posts should be well formatted and easy to read.

  7. Posts larger than 80 words or 5-6 lines (approximately) should be posted with a “Read More” tag.

  8. Dormant Authors: The admin team is entitled to revoke the author rights of any author who shows no activity – writing a post or commenting on other's posts, for 3 months. In such a case, the author can again ask for author rights. Yes, reading other's posts and leaving meaningful comments is a skill, we highly promote. Re-activating author rights will be at the discretion of the admin team, however the author is not required to again perform the procedure mentioned in steps 5- 1, 5- 2 and 5- 3 above.

  9. Posts with any direct or indirect promotion of a paid therapy, service or a gadget are prohibited. Such posts would be considered ONLY IF the author shares his own experiences of using the techniques or any such gadget for at least 2 to 6 months. The admin team holds the rights to edit / delete any post which violates this principle or request the author to continue using the technique or gadget for another 3-6 months, before sharing their feedback.

  10. Posts mentioning services in public domain with nominal fees or free (eg. Brahma Vidya, Vipassana etc.), where profits do not accrue to a small group or individuals, and which are based on sound principles, will not only be allowed but encouraged. In fact, we will request IPWS to check them out and share their feedback about them. Any solution or approach, based on collective action, sound logic and not driven by commerce or personal gain will be actively supported on the blog.

  11. Authors / Co-ordinators wanting to add event to calendar on TISA blog are required to fill in all the following details: Date, Time, Place, Agenda and Contact Details. If you plan to repeat an event, please DON'T repeat it more than four times at one go.

  12. Try to sign your posts with your email id/phone number(or both) and city at the end, so that there is more probability of people getting connected if someone from your city is reading the blog. If you are concerned about your privacy, you may choose to ignore this point.

  13. Finally, this blog is to share YOUR real EXPERIENCES, THOUGHTS & WISDOM, instead of reposting others' thoughts or experiences. Go ahead!


sachin said...

I think this a is a very broad and balanced approach to collective blogging.. Hope readers will get back with their feedback..

Rajesh V said...

This is good one bro, It would help all bloggers to abide by rules and have an effective blog and good information.
I agree with it and follow the same.

With Regards.

Vinay said...

Requirement of point 5 is more than essential requirement.
Point 12 says about privacy, which is again invalid as point 5 leaves no scope for privacy.

Anyways in total its a good editorial policy, except point 5 which is more than required. e.g Min 1000 words introduction.
5 mins video. I dont think this should be made mandatory.

Vinay said...

Also, I dont feel, "Haklao magar pyar se" appropriate. This does not convey the main idea of TISA.
Something like "Haklao magar shaan se" is much better.

sachin said...

@Vinay- if someone wants to maintain privacy, a better place for her/him would be Yahoo IPWS group. BTW, I happen to be a moderator there! It is a nice and vibrant group. THIS blog is meant for those who want to come out and experiment in sharing their experiences and feelings in the larger interest of the community..

Vinay said...

Thanks Sachin Sir for ur comment.
Even I am not supporting privacy.
I dont understand the need of minimum 1000 words intro, and 5 mins video.
Lets leave the word count to the person. He/She can use any number of words to introduce himself/herself.