May 29, 2012

Our Future is in our hand

When i was kid my Parents use to tell me that your future is in ur  hand , so if you want to make your future bright  then work hard in ur studies . At that time i just followed my parents instruction without giving any thought to it , but some time ago from now i read an text   discourse  by  Gautama Buddha where he taught same thing ,that every time  we preparing our future , and what we are now is result of our action what we performed in past .

He explained there are 4 type of people
a>people who are moving from darkness (ignorance)  to darkness (ignorance) 
b> people who are moving from darkness (ignorance)  to brightness (knowledge, consciousness)
c> people who are moving from brightness to brightness
d> people who are moving from brightness to darkness

Now this discourse gave me a sight that there are also four type of pws (although Buddha explained all type of people by general example)

a> PWS(person who stammers ) who are living their life in deep pain , loneliness ,unable to share their     feeling , continuous search for speech therapist or doctor   Which can offer magic pill (cure) to them
   they belong to first group ie moving from darkness(deep pain )  to darkness(deep pain )
   [ I was in this group for 28 years] 

b>PWS moving from darkness (deep pain)  to brightness (joy , good communication)
  This group consist pws who are getting knowledge  from some sources  , applying it and stared transforming their life,  most of Indian pws who are in touch with TISA belongs to this group 

c>pws moving from brightness to brightness
  this group consist pws which are almost recovered ,acquired lot of knowledge about stammering and now using this  Knowledge to help other pws so that they can come  out from darkness.
  [ i want to thank a pws from this group for bringing me out from darkness and gave me chance to enter realm of joy] 
d>moving from brightness to darkness
  who recovered and acquired technique  but they are keeping this to themselves (due to busy schedule etc) or selling it to  other pws at very high rate .  and people who made this as business without bothering about pws .
  [Buddha describe this category as very Nobel like rishi munis , i modified it for my convenience   ...sorry Buddha]
Most of Indian pws who are in touch with tisa belongs to second group , so we have two moral responsibility. firstly keep walking on path from darkness to brightness until we reached completed brightness(wisdom)
Secondly try to bring all pws who are in darkness in this path (a school in month is best way to fight against darkness)

so in brief we all are moving in some path which may lead us darkness to brightness so be sure that you are walking in right path ,chose right path and make ur future bright.


Jitender Gupta प्रथम said...

Really amazing thought.
And aise hi soch aur aap jaisi soch wale members ke wajah se hi TISA apna kam bakhoobi kar rahi hai.

sachin said...

I think Buddha will be very happy that you are applying his message to different aspects of life..
Great analysis. Thanks Lalit!


in a very nice way u have compared , great imagination

Rajesh V said...

Wow bro :) Awesome :)
The classification of PWS and including and attributing our TISA members as 2nd category has made me happy and smile.
And I am sure the same happened to many readers of this awesome post.
And that happy smile is enough to open the doors of transformation.

With Regards.

J P Sunda said...

lalit, you impress me with you great brain everyday!! And once school per month is something that all of us should do as soon as the new session starts in june/july. The school years can be very very tough for children who stammer because no one talks about stammering in schools (schools in herbertpur are an exception :-). Lets do it this year! Let TISA be not just a blog or website or few people talking to only among themselves but a REAL orgainzation doing REAL work.

amit dixit said...

thanks.lalit sir..amazing post..keep sharing.

lalit said...

thanks jitender, sachin sir,gorav ,rajesh ,jai, amit for ur wonder full comments

Er. Umesh said...

Nice observation Lalit..You really apply your creative mind to think something good. I like it and more than this I like...Sorry Buddha!!