May 25, 2012

Growth and Comfort cannot co-exist

I had to fight my biggest fears to register myself for a program called "Speech Craft" It’s a 8 weeks program, conducted by a toastmaster club to offer a crash course in public speaking. Every week, each participant is expected to give a short speech on the guidelines provided.
 The day of reckoning came - It was time for my first speech.  I was damn nervous, this was my first speech. Here I recalled all my previous experiences where I escaped with umpteen excuses to avoid any opportunity to talk.

 "The Chennai TISA Worshop" was a landmark event; it gave me enough strength to go and register for the event. And the weekly SHG meetings in Bangalore provided constant boost of enery to me when everything else seemed to fall apart.
Coming back to my first speech, I drafted it carefully, prepared it well in advance. Kept it simple so that I can easily reproduce. I practised about 20+ times infront of mirror. Most of the time, I went blank in between! :-)
 I also gave the same speech in the weekly SHG meeting to make myself more comfortable. I finally did give my first speech. I spoke loud as it is easy to utter words that way. That day the ride back to the home was very "liberating", I took the leap of faith and it paid off.
 Week after week after, I gave short speeches. Confidence grew bit by bit.
On the final session, about 5 member out of 25 were presented a small award for "Outstanding Performance"
 I was one of them who got an award for outstanding performance for the program.
 I still get blocks. I have learned to manage them most of the time.

2 points for my fellow PWS friends:
 + Attend weekly SHG meetings "regularly".  Do not miss out on PWS get-togethers like "Chennai Workshop" or "National Conference" etc - This the BEST therapy.
 + Come out of your comfort zone. Growth and Comfort cannot co-exist. Choose one of them.

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Warm Regards

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sachin said...

Wow Dinesh! You have done it!
Yes, it must have been a LEAP of FAITH!
You have also observed carefully your own growth and shared it very objectively.. This should help others.
Great! Keep on charging ahead and sending your "war news despatches" from the frontier..

Rajesh V said...

Dinesh--You always made me think differently.
When we spoke about TM club in past, the passion of yours also caught me. So i will also join it soon :)
Congrats for your "Outstanding Performance" award.
This success story of yours will invoke many others to join TM club for public speaking.

With Regards.

dabbang said...

Dinesh ,you are a superman to us .

Mohit kumar said...

Congrats Dinesh. You have done very daring work, its required lots of guts, strength.
Keep moving like this

kishore said...

Brother Congrats for the success!!
your sharing gives hope to a lot of other people.

Er. Umesh said...

Nice Dinesh..your this post is very motivational for other pws. Tg achieve something,come out from comfort zone!!

J P Sunda said...

Dinesh, its not just attending the meetings that has helped you but continuous challenging yourself by participating actively in whatever you do. Actually for many of us, "staying where we are" and "trying to change" both are uncomfortable but as Dr Sachin mentioned in his last post, it could be "unconsciousness of suffering" that stops many of us! Now that you have been able to move out of all that, its fully your responsibility to make the most of this god's grace :-)