May 10, 2012

Delhi SHG meets

DATE:-13/5/2012 PLACE:-Central Park TIMING:10am to 1 pm

HI guys!!!..I am glad to inform you that next SHG meeting is going to be held at Central Park.The Agenda of the meeting is as follows..

1)INTRODUCTION: Every member will introduce Himself.
2)TECHNIQUES: Brief discription about Practice techniques.
3)PRACTICE SESSION:Book reading and Techniques practice.
4)CRAZY QUESTIONS:Every member will ask a question to any one member.When second question will asked than candidate will supposed to give answer of the first question.It will be very interesting round.It will improve our listening skills as well as concentration.
5)ROLL PLAYING:It will also be a interesting round.We will divide ourselves in small groups(depending upon no. of candidates).Roll playing may be like Director-Actor conversation,Interviewer-Applicant conversation etc.
6)If time remains we will do some other activities.

Feel free for any suggetions:)

Amit dixit


J P Sunda said...

Agenda looks great Amit! All the best. Btw I like the idea of ROLL playing ;-)

amit dixit said...

Thanks sir!1..I know there is spelling mistake.It should be ROLE rather than ROLL :-)