April 24, 2012

Voluntary Stuttering

Do READ these great paper on voluntary stuttering. Also read questions/comments at the end of the paper.
1. http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/isad8/papers/reitzes8.html
2. http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/isad2/papers/starke.html 


sachin said...

Very good write ups from people who are Therapist as well as PWS. Vol Stut is really a very powerful technique but the problem is it appears to be so WRONG, so Counter-intuitive. This is why many people, who should know better, run away from it.
I think blog readers should read both the write ups - and then, go on and try it out a little bit.. Rajesh did so, a few days back and was so impressed..

Rajesh V said...

One day I heard Sachin ji saying Vol.Stutt is greatest tool so far for PWS. I tried it keeping belief on him. Believe me, that was first time I felt very happy even after stuttering at an opposite person:)
It left me a greatest impression and now I Love doing Vol.Stut

J P Sunda said...

Rajesh, do read these papers and also questions/comments :-)

Rajesh V said...

@JP-- Thanks bro for sharing those links bro, I read them but still didn't read the comments. Will surely read them as well:)
After reading these papers I have understood more about Vol.Stutt in the process of Desensitization..
Thanks for the great links bro.

With Regards.