April 22, 2012

pune shg news

Today we planned to have a voluntary stuttering activity at some mall but some members attendance were not sure so I cancel the activity and decided that a shg meeting will be conducted. Meeting was attended by 6 pws Anup,Sanjeet,Amol(myself),Prabhat,Sagar(new member),Abhijeet(new member).

First we have an activity of introduction everbody introduced in their normal way. After that we have an activity of breathing in which we have to take long breath and exhale slowly.As 2 member were new I introduced to them what TISA is.I also introduced them to techniques like prolongation, Bouncing, Slow reading. Then they shared some of their experiences. Sagar works in a IT firm. Abhijeet also shared his experiences. He has done mechanical engineering in 2011 but he is not getting any job because of stammering. He told us that his technical skills are strong but he lacks in presentation and soft skills. Both of them also shared their experiences of speech therapy. They told that they only get little relief from therapy. I also told them about the speech therapy which takes place in herbertpur.After that we an activity of slow reading. We also practiced story telling. Stage daring was the last activity we have done in which every member will go ahead and speak on topic of their own. Then we ask the new member what you think shg is helpful or not? .They told that shg is helpful we get a chance to speak and open up about stammering.

Overall the meeting was good. The good is thing is pune shg is taking place regularly.
We are planning to have activities like voluntary stuttering in public places, Group Discussion and mock interviews from next week.       


Dinesh said...

Good work Amol!
Feels good to know that Pune SHG meetings are going on. I have been to all sorts of therapies and I consider that there is no better therapy than an SHG meeting.

Amol, please ensure that all members of pune shg are registered into following database. Thanks.


J P Sunda said...

Amol, you are coordinating the meetings very well. A free advice: For volunatry stuttering, all you need is one person. You could have gone ahead with the activity, i guess. If you can continue with the same persistence for another 6-12 months, you will be "recovered" for sure.

Mohit kumar said...

voluntary stuttering is very tough to do in public it needs potential,fearless attitude. If you really do, no words for you guys.