April 17, 2012

MUMBAI voluntary shuttering shg meeting on saturday

Hey ,
           Myself ritesh .on saturday we are planning to keep our meeting based on voluntary shuttering .
            members will be divided in a group of 2 to perform voluntary shuttering in public.
           each group will be given target for voluntary shuttering . voluntary shuttering will help
           us to melt our shame and embracement which are related to our stammering.
          DATE : 21 -april - 2012
         Timing : 2 pm -5 pm
         Venue:   Wadala five garden ,(mancherji joshi garden)
         Add  :   IT take just 5 minute to reach wadala 5 garden from wadala station.



Rajesh V said...

Good Task bro :)
I suggested "Voluntary Stuttering" a mandatory task in every SHG meeting in Hyderabad, Its helping us a lot.In fact all are excited and happy doing that :)
It decreases our anticipatory fear very easily.

Good Going.
With Regards.

sachin said...

Yes, Ritesh. Vol Stut is a very powerful practice.. It takes away the fear- which is the main thing. It is the FEAR of stammering which leads to 99% of the problems. Share your experiences on the blog..

J P Sunda said...

wuhuuuu!! Will be waiting for the report of the meeting. And be ready for some weird responses too!

Kharvi Prakash said...

grt and aawesome.. :)