April 29, 2012

Godfather said: keep your friends close but enemies closer

Bangalore SHG session 28-apr-2012

Why is knowledge important? Why is gaining knowledge necessary? And why is it importance to share? Were the questions put across to us by our coordinator while he was distributing interesting books among us, this was an interactive session and a vital one to be shared with us.

                                                                                                                                            We began answering the questions enthusiastically and trying to figure out how this was going to culminate into our knowledge for getting rid of stammering, we began with answers like knowledge is growth – growth is life, knowledge for fulfilling the necessities of life , knowledge imparts confidence, knowledge makes you better in judging  situations hence makes you a leader.

                                                                                                 Next part of interactive session was answers for ways for knowledge sharing or gaining, we began with answers like reading books, watching informative TV shows or movies and most important meeting new people and our coordinator added sharing explicit knowledge like our very own SHG and blog about our weekly session is also ways to share knowledge, our coordinator then began explaining that more knowledge we have about stuttering, we can fight it more effectively, as godfather said: keep your friends close but enemies closer, he also shared that we need to dive into the database of vast knowledge to improve our vocabulary which act as stress buster  when faced with severe block, they can act as temporary fillers, our coordinator also stress upon saying that we never should use fillers as they hamper our growth towards fluency, but can be used when no alternative seems possible

                                                 This was also the day I was asked to give my first ice breaker speech; basically it is speech about yourself and your life till that very day of speech.  Many showered their accolades for presentation.

                                                 Following the speech was an interesting session where our coordinator shared video called unspeakable with us, most of us were curious to know the content to keep the interest up the video clip of just half an hour was played out, with rest of video to follow in coming weeks, during this session one of us suggested that we call telephone numbers just to see how non-stammering people react to us

                                                        This telephonic session was not comfortable to most of us, because we were doing something out of our comfort zone; I lead the call to find out the resort telephone numbers from “just dial” with the phone numbers we possessed each took a turn to confront their worst fears, few words were unspeakable/unsayable but we did manage to get information out the travel agents. Summing up on our meet, it was informative, resourceful, confronting our fears with confidence and courage in our hearts in order to “say what we want to say”.
Attendees:  Anbu, Jeetu, sairam, Alok, Chandrashekar our coordinator Dinesh and your narrator Pavan

1) To be part of bangalore SHG meetings, please contact dinesh.daredevil@gmail.com (9880050526)

2) To contact pws (people who stammer) in other cities, please follow the link

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J P Sunda said...

You guys are really keeping the meetings informative, interesting, challenging and fun. Well done