April 26, 2012

Call for Hyderabad SHG Meeting on April 29th Sunday

Hi Dear All Folks,                  
Good Day Wishes!!!

Hope you are doing excellent. I have been waiting all these days for weekend :) Every single minute we spend here is productive.
Its time for stripping your fears, pulling your socks, challenging the Challenges, get ready for Weekend SHG meeting in Hyderabad. We stammer with ease here :)

This weekend we concentrate on mirror reading, we concentrate at lips moment and final sound produced.We will maintain a rhythm like speech, in a way we concentrate on the pitch of sound but not on whether we block or stammer.

After ground practice, we go live on roads or any shopping mall for doing Voluntary Stuttering :)

The activities planned for the event:
1) Formal Introduction using mirror
2) Last 7days feedback using mirror
3) People in group inspire others and they get inspired.(Talking only positively and their approach)
4) Applying Bouncing technique and Voluntary Stuttering while speaking with strangers.
5) Group Discussion and Queries Answering Hour
click "Read More" for details
This week we would have two new guys who can inspire us with their way, Mr.Funny Reddy who is PWS and presently a Speech Therapist and Mr.Sugandh who is an Officer at Toastmasters club.
The Timings and Venue details are below:
Morning 9:00AM to 12PM or 1PM (based on people willingness)
Jalagam Vengala Rao Park
Road No: 1, (road taking from Punjagutta junction to GVK Shopping Mall)
Banjara Hills,
***Keep looking right side on Banjarahills road for the park's Main Gate
Click Here for Park's location on GoogleMaps with Bus Numbers
Note: We have to buy 5/- ticket for entering into the park :)

Don't worry we have good shelters under Trees and above Sun, believe me its an Awesome place to visit :)
Vehicle parking is available near back gate of the park, so take right turn at GVK shopping mall circle and come down looking left side along the road for the JVR Vehicle Parking Board.

Feel free to call me/mail me for any assistance on directions to Venue.
96 76 82 0007 (available at anytime)
email ids: rajesh.jaca@gmail.com and wanted2talk2u@yahoo.co.in

Waiting for the Big Day ahead :)
Together We Step Up :) Together We Succeed :)
With Regards,
Rajesh V.


sachin said...

Systems theory says: "Whole" is bigger than sum of "parts". Same as Hindi Idiom- One plus one is Eleven, not two. SHGs operate on the same principle. Anyone who has attended SHGs, knows this truth.
Rajesh, you are doing a wonderful service!

J P Sunda said...

Along with mirror practice, also do some video recording and then see them on a laptop. A great way to see how you stammer!

Rajesh V said...

@Sachin ji--Well said about SHG. Thanks for your support and inspiring me :)
SHG has become my part of life :)

@JP--Thanks bro :)that would be nice. I remembered when i went to personality development classes and in a debate they made a video, I was last to talk,i made all laugh :)

With Thanks and Regards.

Neeraj said...

I missed the last SHG meet due to friend's wedding. Can't afford to miss this one. I have a shift on sunday, but will surely take time for myself and attend. Cheers, Rajesh.

Rajesh V said...

@Neeraj-- That is nice of you bro.
Every weekend's SHG is important :)
Its like a practice, We shall bounce back one day in life to see the beauty in heights and the platform for bouncing back to greater heights is through SHG meetings.
Ready for Take Off :) I am Ready aren't you ?

With Regards.

With Regards.