March 1, 2012

stammer but with love

from the past few days, I am actually inspired with the below imperative sentence
"HAKLO, magar pyaar se."
 "Stammer, but with love."

This imperative expression has given me a significant understanding but in a more deeper sense.
It feels very good when I talk to someone and if stuttering occurs and also feels nice when stuttering waves off.
It feels good only because of ACCEPTANCE.
It feels good because i don't bother what others think.
It feels good when some one laugh at me everyday.

"Stammer, but with Love" is indeed a better tag line for every PWS.

1 comment:

sachin said...

When people laugh, they are laughing at their own ignorance. They have no clue- and out of embarrassment (of not having any clue) they laugh, smile, smirk. It has nothing to do with you or your stammer. You just go ahead and "stammer with love"..
Gradually, you discover that all the energies you had applied in running away from stammering are now being channeled into your communication- and that you are becoming a good communicator and a good human being. THIS is the essence of Self-help..