March 10, 2012

Samvad Publications - Tell Us What You Think

The Samwad Editorial Team thanks all the readers of Samvad for continually contributing your stories, articles and experiences and enthusiastic participation by writing to us your feedback and suggestions. We have now decided to take Samvad to another level, by publishing Samvad in hard-copies and sending it to the subscribers. The registered members of TISA (formal registration to start soon) will be the entitled subscribers of Samvad by post, and will receive a copy at your contact address that you provide during registration. The printed issues will be out once in every four months, so that we have a little more and quality content. By publishing Samvad, we attempt to reach out to more PWS and also non-PWS.

As an initial step, we would like to seek opinions from our readers regarding this idea. What you think about this idea? Do you have any suggestions about how we should go ahead? Do you think you can be of help in any way to help us in this process? Any suggestions, ideas, criticism and help are most welcome. Post in your comments here with your suggestions and opinions. You may also like to email your suggestions to info"at"

Many Thanks,
Samvad Editorial Team


sachin said...

A big milestone for all of us!
Congratulations, Harish!

J P Sunda said...

Well done Harish! With this publication we will surely able to reach many more people who feel left out because they don't have internet access

Mohit kumar said...

Eagerly waiting for your samvad harish,you can publish some tips(or interview) from speech therapist either from internet or by doctors(as i think) and also some facts that are recently discovered in research about stuttering.

Akash said...

I agree with this both of these ideas of bringing out Samvad in hard copy and also making subscription linked to TISA registration.

Harish Usgaonker said...

Thank you all for the support. I am looking forward to more suggestions and opinions.


--Front page should be colored

--one page must be on stuttering ( its cause,types,cure etc)

-- one page about TISA


Er. Umesh said...

Cool idea Harish!! If I have hard copy of samvad then I can show it to my friends,other pws and it will surely have more positive effect on their mind about TISA and stammering awareness.

Dinesh said...

It will great to have the Samvad ready before National Get-together.

A copy can be distributed to those who attend!!