March 18, 2012

Mumbai SHG Meeting Review Report 17th Mar'12

Another fantastic and confident day for the Mumbai PWS.

We had some couple of new faces in this meeting. Santhosh kamble and Amey Sawant. Santhosh Kamble had described briefly about the activity and session in his latest post. The event was indeed a wonderful and exciting . Some of the Mumbai PWS were feeling confident and happy after implementing the ACCEPTANCE factor practically.

Everyone was given the choice to call their respective dearest friend and talk about his stammering and how the other person think about him with respect to stammering. the response was awesome. A sense of confidence emerges in each of the faces.

We also had a word with the stranger about our stammering. I called his girlfriend to join the group for a moment and asked her that we are a group of stammerers and how do you feel about a people who stammer and having this kind of problem. the response was positive. she said "A Person who stammer is a normal person and there is no difference between a normal person and a person who stammer."

With this understanding of ACCEPTANCE, we concluded the session.
Thanks to Romi and Santhosh who had made this session memorable.

HAKLO Magar, Pyaar Se


Dinesh said...

Wonderful indeed. You guys are doing good.. keep going..

sachin said...

Great write up too!
Keep inspiring others! There can be nothing greater GOOD than that..