March 28, 2012

HERBERTPUR , 28 March 2012

Today I woke up at 6:00 am and then I went for the morning walk with Dr sachin . We walk near the water channel which was adjacent to the wheat field and then went to tea garden .There I ran a little bit .After that we sit down for mediation for an hour. After that I had my breakfast and took the class of DCA students with Dr sachin from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and taught them auto aligning & auto Blending of images, warp text style, combining different images to get the panorama effect.

After that I had my lunch and went to bed for some rest. At 4:00 pm I went to Karate with Dr sachin till 5:30 .After the class Dr Sachin ask me to ask some questions from the strangers It was very difficult in the beginning but after meeting 3-4 stranger I was able to ask question with less fear . After that I went to an ATM and enquire about the ATM from the guard sitting outside the ATM . Then we went to a shop and a enquire about the price of blank dvds and charges of writing a dvd. Then we went to sweet shop and thereI asked about the price of various sweets and then gave the order of 2 plates ‘RAS MALAAE’ . I was stuttering as usual but the fear was a little less. Then I gave an order of 2 coffee by Bouncing on the word like K-k-k- coffee. When I was talking to Dr sachin in the sweet shop many people around me were looking at me with strange faces .After enjoying the sweet we went back . On the way back I asked few question from stranger (like where is herbertpur chowk , when the bus to Saharanpur will come, where is lehman hospital etc) .After that I went for my dinner and then I did some preparation for the next day teaching with Dr sachin . Now Good night and have a wonderful next day :-)


J P Sunda said...

Good! You seem to be turning out a professional teacher :-)

Mohit kumar said...

Good going gorav, daily attending a visit to sachin sir, this really helps you.