March 10, 2012

Chat And Chew Meet 10/3/2012

Yesterday, there was SHG meet in chandigarh, we called it "Chat And Chew Meet" in which we come and meet in McDonald Sector-35, In this meet Jai prakash, Anupinder(me), and my friend Harpal comes from patiala joins harpal is social worker and also rationalist. In this Meet we discuss role of society and family in motivation, giving encouragement and support to pws. We also discuss lot of social tensions, restriction and superstition which are followed in india blindly! After so much Scientific researches and development in Country.

After that its time for some practicals we all go to cash counter and place our order like:
s--s--soft s--serve.

After that we go to counter several times and asking for k--k--ketchup. we all do this very proudly without any fear and between lot of people. we also dicuss lot of problems faced by stammer and various myths about stammering...

this meet has great fun and good learning experience..i can't forget this meet...:)


Mohit kumar said...

Its always feel good when we stammers meet at some place and just enjoying our life. Hats-off to you.

sachin said...

This is the best "Hands On" therapy- and I know it is such fun.. No fear of meeting some ISO 9001 standards .. Just communicate and have fun!

J P Sunda said...

Yes Anupinder, it was a great meeting. Just three people talking, eating and having fun! BTW if you hadn't stopped sooner, we may have had 100 sachets of sauce :-)

Dinesh said...

Heros indeed. It is not so easy as you made it look like. Seeing you people I draw inspiration to get out of my comfort zone.