February 19, 2012

Under the blazing Sun, 3 PWS have FUN !

After a rather long gap, we here at Goa met here today, on a bright, pleasant and sunny Sunday morning.

We were three of us- I (Harish), Babaji and a new member (name not disclosed on request) who attended an SHG meeting for the first time with us.

After formal introductions, we started with the activities planned.

An Ice-breaker activity

All of us had to draw something on the paper which symbolizes or represents ourselves. Then each one of us had to show the picture that we drew to the other two, and explain the picture and also share why we think this picture represents us.

Babaji drew a man sitting in a box, and the sun rays outside. He explained how he thought about himself as a person confined into a box, deprived of the sunshine outside. He also shared that now he feels he is out of the box, into the sunshine and beaming with confidence and feeling okay about stammering.

Our new friend, an MBA graduate and working in a job in which he has to speak for most part of the day, had an interesting picture. He drew a person standing at the foothills of a huge mountain. And below that, he drew another sketch in which the person was standing on the top of the mountain. He explained how he saw his stammering as a huge mountain that he had to climb, and shared the journey of how he climbed it and how on present the day, he feels that he is at the top of this mountain. The story of how he pushed himself and forced a change was indeed inspiring.

Practicing Techniques

Then we stood in circle and practiced Bouncing, Prolongation, Pull-outs and Cancellation techniques. We also had a round in which the person had to speak about a positive thing about the person standing to his right, using any technique he is comfortable with.

Communication Game

We then played a communication game, in which one person had to think of an action / activity (eg. Swimming, cycling, driving), and others had to guess it by asking him questions. We had lots of fun while trying to guess what activity the other person is thinking about.

The second game was a role play. Citing the election atmosphere in Goa, we all decided to play the candidates of our constituencies and campaigned for our respective constituencies and how would we appeal for votes. We all unanimously thought that we had better manifestos than our candidates ;)

Talent Show

As we neared the end of the meeting, we thought of displaying some of the talents which we thought are our strengths. The new member sang the melodious song “Mitwa”, and we discovered that he indeed had a great control over his voice. Babaji sang a Kishore Kumar song, while I tried to entertain with some mimicry which I enjoy doing the most.
Before we dispersed, we discussed about how we felt about today’s meeting and gave feedback. Babaji suggested about a day outing or a 1 or 2 day workshop. I handed over Samvad Digest copies to Babaji and the new member, and then we had a casual discussion on the conference and stuttering in general before we parted away for the day. 


J P Sunda said...

You guys surely had fun and an outing in Goa - amazing idea. Sometimes I wish I should move permanently to Goa :-)

Harish Usgaonker said...

Dear JP,

You are most welcome :)

sachin said...

Welcome to third participant. Great meeting. Wonderful post! Congrats to all three of you!

Anupinder Singh said...

all activities are wonderful.,,drawing is great tool which show state of mind...keep it up goa shg..someday, harish i meet u in goa...:)

abhishek said...

great meeting....and great post . keep it up goa shg.

Kharvi Prakash said...

very interesting post!!

Harish Usgaonker said...


I too look forward to meet you :) :)

rahul raut dessai said...

oops, missed the fun.
looking forward to meet the new member.
congrats to harish and babaji for conducting the meeting after a long time and also waiting to play the drawing game in next meeting :)

mitesh said...

well done bru ..next nc me milte hai goa ;)