February 21, 2012

SHG meeting at Herbutpur on Sunday , 19 Feb 2012

Gorav teaching special effects in Adobe photoshop
This Shg meeting was attended by 9 people as follows Dr sachin , Pavan singh rathore , Vijay, Ashish singh rawat , Mukkarum , Paramanand ,Vaibhav , one speech therapist from UP (Raj Kumar, Vijay's brother) and Gorav datta (me )

First of all as usual there was an introduction round.I was as usual struggling to speak. After that Dr Sachin asked that we all should tell 3 points about ourselves . Then there was a round of telling 3 negative things about our self. A common problem with pws is: Many of us are seen as rude people; the "rudeness" is not intentional, it is just that we find difficult to say "correct" things at the right time in formal situations: like it may be very difficult to say pary paina (greetings- I touch your feet) to an elder while talking on phone.. We discussed some ways to deal with this.

Then in the next round we played a game in which everyone had to interact with one another and know about themselves . Then after the interaction round was over , all of us have to come on the stage one by one and tell others about their interaction ie what have we learned about others during the interaction round.

Then after that Dr sachin asked few stammerers to come to the stage and share some joke , I was one of them .It was my first time to share a joke . we all enjoyed this round . Parmanand told an interesting joke about Pawan! All together it was fun and encouraging to attend such meetings. Few days back I was given a chance to conduct a session for DCA students, teaching them adobe photo shop special effects. It was difficult but I was very happy to see that every student was able to understand and do it (photo above).

Gorav datta (stutterer)
Yamuna nagar , haryana


J P Sunda said...

Gourav, you are turning out to be a great rapporteur for Herbertpur SHG. Looking forward to meeting you at Kalka :-)

Anupinder Singh said...

in herbertpur SHG...there is always something new to learn....god bless u all.....:)

lalit said...

good gorav ...things are changing,
some time i also learn effect of adobe from u :-)