February 16, 2012

The Real meaning of Acceptance....

Most of the Blogs and websites that deals with stammering/stuttering issue often describes Acceptance as the foremost step to prevent this beautiful problem.
Initially I was not able to understand the inner meaning of Acceptance. I always used to say "Yes! I stammer". But something was missing. I need to find the basic answer of this question that was hammering in my mind from the last few months..
After speaking with one of the TISA Core member, today i realize the anatomy of Acceptance. Here is the equation.. :)
ACCEPTANCE = Yes! I Stammer
ACCEPTANCE = No Shame (You know, I Stammer)
ACCEPTANCE = No Fear (of course, I Stammer)
ACCEPTANCE = No Worry (never-mind, I stammer)
ACCEPTANCE = with smile ( :) Yes! I Stammer)

It is of-course more than the above

If we accept the above basic equation, only then we would be able to prevent this mathematical problem from happening.
I Accepted...................... DID YOU???????????


sachin said...

Yes, and we can take our Acceptance form stammering to other aspects of life - transforming our entire life. This is what Eckharte implies, when he says, that intense suffering can lead to deep spiritual change, if we could bring "presence" (= awareness) to our suffering..
Let us upscale our acceptance..

amolkarale said...

Acceptance is first solution towards stammering.Acceptance removes the guilt,shame and many more things.After accepting we should practice some techniques and a try to implement those techniques in life.

lalit said...

nice amol congrats for ur acceptence ....like the way we define stammering as beautiful problem and mathematical problem .....

J P Sunda said...

Wow! That was quick Prakash! It was nice talking to you yesterday! And keep writing, it will help you and many others!

mitesh said...

very well explained ..