February 20, 2012

Hakklistan zindabad

I am in a country which is known as hakklistan, here all peoples are stammerer, to visit this country you should have membership of any stammering association. in this country there is no pressure of being fluents, All phone calls in this country are answered with bouncing , we stammerers can freely talk in this country without any fear, shame , guilt . All citizens in hakkalistan sleep in the night with no fear in there mind , to wake up tomorrrow and to behave like a normal speaker, we have accepted that we are stammerers and we will get blocks , in this country stammering blocks are appreciated. But in this country also there are some speech handicap who are fluent in this country. Fluency and normal speaker are treated as handicap in these country. for them there is a speech therapist who teach them how to talk like a stammerer how to get blocks ,speech therapist teach them techniques like 1) Talk very fast   2) dont respire normally ,practise respiration by your chest  3) And finally accept that you are normal speaker dont be ashamed of it accept i am normal speaker.                                     
In these country stammers dont cry at night ,of being ashamed of themselves, stammeres are not rejected in job interview on basis of speech in hakklistan, we stammeres are able to express every thing and each word we want to express. Hakklistan have schools were roll calls for presente are not answered orally , here paper sheets are provided to sign for presente . stammeres are not laughed by there classmates or friend they are not teased for there speech . they are not socially tortured for being fluent , to speak slow and many numerous things we face any everyday life . By knowing such great things about Hakklistan you definetly want to visit Hakklistan, i will show you a path to visit hakklistan . My friends there is no need to visit hakklistan because haakklistan is Beneath you . it is silently in your mind Just thing is that we require a sure courage to activate it when these Hakklistan will get activated in your mind then the whole world will get change for you and it will become Hakkalistan a dream home for we stammeres


sachin said...

Yes, the only passport is needed is courage (to be yourself- and not someone else)..
Great piece!

dabbang said...

Thanks sachin sir your coments are like a award to us . it boost our confidence to write such more blogs

Er. Umesh said...

Ye hai Haklisataan meri jaan!!
what a great imagination Ritesh, well done!!

J P Sunda said...

Ritesh, your narration and imagination are both superb! If there was a like button, I would have clicked it. You can also share such posts in TISA group on FB!

Ra..Ra..Raja said...

amazing thought bro....have been in hakklistan for awhile but got to meet you only now....(i can feel its getting crowded)

Harish Usgaonker said...


Very nice post. Loved this country - Haklistan !!