February 29, 2012

A change!

I am seeing a change in myself for last one month. I am going through a phase where my old conditioned thoughts seem to be losing control of me! The old patterns of trying to figure out my past and trying to connect the events and see how they have helped me and how they will eventually lead me to a bright future - I can observe all of that from a distance and then sometimes I fall for those thoughts but again I am up very quickly!

I am seeing a change where I am able to trust myself with my life. This is a time where I am happy for no reason. A change where I have stopped playing the old roles in relationships. Is it due to listening to Eckhart everyday? I think that could be the reason. I am no more trying to reach to the future! Yes, sometimes I fall as the old patterns have great momentum but just having that liberating feeling everyday has brought so much peace! and yes these too are thoughts, just passing thoughts. They too don't matter! What matters is living in this moment! I feel so alive.


Anupinder Singh said...

great explanation and understanding of mind.... :)

sachin said...

May be it is Eckhart plus something. Something important- and that is- you are DOING a lot of things outside your comfort zone. Armchair philosophers read Eckhart, Cohen, Raman, Osho, Jiddu and others and digest them all without a trace..

Moral- Reading is not enough. Doing is the essence.